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Some of this probably counts as copyright infringement. My justification is that this stuff is abandoned, or from the internet archive, or otherwise behind dead links and on dead webservers, or almost lost. Other stuff is written by me.

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  2. 1401fortran.html – Description of the 63-pass Fortran compiler for the IBM 1401 computer.
  3. 4symbolalphabet.html
  4. a-story-by-devi.html
  5. ack_phi.c.txt
  6. another-story-by-devi.html
  7. kanatable.pdf
  8. minecraftian-3x3-house.txt
  9. poole-vs-hal-9000.html – A chess game
  10. reloading-the-canon.html – Description texts of a former podcast
  11. reloading-the-canon.txt
  12. satapiirin-ohjekyltit.txt
  13. water-fill-pattern.txt
  14. zone-base-fishing-skill.html – A page from "El's Extreme Anglin'", a World of Warcraft fishing site, describing the minimum required skill to fish in a zone in WoW (Classic).