Honkbal Hoofdklasse (On My Radio Tonight)

Johannes Vonk and the Clogheads

In the flatlands of Holland there's a game that we play
and when they're down at the Honkplatz then you know it's match day

It's all over the East Indies and it's down in Haarlem streets
and they're breaking out the polish but it's not for their cleats!

Put down your work clogs and pick up your glove!
Stand on the home honk it's time to fall in love!

Honkball Hoofdeklasse on my radio tonight
I hear the team announcements and I know the time is right
And I know I mustn't say it but I feel it in the air
a home run for Rotterdam's Dirk van Bier!

Saturday night
I'm feeling all right
Strap on your cleats
Stand on the honk!

Onkball Oofdeklasse on my raydio tonoight
Oi hear the team announcements and oi know the time is roight
And I know I musn't say it but I feel it in the err
an ome run for Ro''edam's Dirk van Beer!

You slags from Den Haag!

Music video (2:56)

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