# 2021-12-23
import fileinput
#import json
from sys import stdout
skipKeys = ('kCompatibilityVariant', 'kIICore', 'kRSUnicode', 'kHanyuPinyin', 'kXHC1983', 'kHanyuPinlu', 'kTGHZ2013')
# keys used = 'c', 'kAccountingNumeric', 'kCantonese', 'kDefinition', 'kHangul', 'kJapaneseKun', 'kJapaneseOn', 'kKorean', 'kMandarin', 'kOtherNumeric', 'kPrimaryNumeric', 'kTang', 'kTotalStrokes', 'kVietnamese'
d = {}
for line in fileinput.input(files=('Unihan_Readings.txt', 'Unihan_NumericValues.txt', 'Unihan_IRGSources.txt')):
    if line[0] == "#": continue
    components = line.split("\t")
    if len(components) != 3:
    codepoint = components[0]
    key = components[1]
    if key[0:4] == 'kIRG' or key in skipKeys:
    value = components[2].rstrip()
    if codepoint not in d:
        numeric = int(codepoint[2:], base=16)
        d[codepoint] = {'c': chr(numeric)}
    d[codepoint][key] = value
#json.dump(d, stdout, ensure_ascii=False, indent=1)
def maketableline(key, data):
    c = data['c']
    strokes = data['kTotalStrokes']
    num, defn = ('', '')
    readings = []
    if 'kMandarin' in data: readings.append(f'<i>M:</i> {data["kMandarin"]}')
    if 'kCantonese' in data: readings.append(f'<i>C:</i> {data["kCantonese"]}')
    if 'kTang' in data: readings.append(f'<i>T:</i> {data["kTang"]}')
    if 'kJapaneseOn' in data: readings.append(f'<i>J-On:</i> {data["kJapaneseOn"]}')
    if 'kJapaneseKun' in data: readings.append(f'<i>J-Kun:</i> {data["kJapaneseKun"]}')
    korean_readings = []
    if 'kHangul' in data: korean_readings.append(data['kHangul'].split(":")[0])
    if 'kKorean' in data: korean_readings.append(data['kKorean'])
    if len(korean_readings) > 0: readings.append(f'<i>K:</i> {" ".join(korean_readings)}')
    if 'kVietnamese' in data: readings.append(f'<i>V:</i> {data["kVietnamese"]}')
    reading_string = ', '.join(readings)
    if 'kPrimaryNumeric' in data: num = data['kPrimaryNumeric'] + ' P'
    if 'kAccountingNumeric' in data: num = data['kAccountingNumeric'] + ' A'
    if 'kOtherNumeric' in data: num = data['kOtherNumeric'] + ' O'
    if 'kDefinition' in data: defn = data['kDefinition']
    row_id = key[2:].lower()
    return f"<tr id=\"{row_id}\"><td>{key}<td>{c}<td>{strokes}<td>{reading_string}<td>{num}<td>{defn}</tr>"

block_start = "2F800"
block_end = "2FA1F"
block_name = "CJK Compatibility Ideographs Supplement"
print("""<!DOCTYPE html><html lang=en><head><meta charset=utf-8>
  <meta name=viewport content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1">\n""" +
  f"<title>Unihan readings, {block_start} to {block_end} ({block_name})</title>\n" +
  td:nth-child(2) { font-size: large; text-align: center; }
  td:nth-child(3) { text-align: center; padding-left: 2px; padding-right: 2px; }
  td:nth-child(4) { max-width: 45%; }
  td:nth-child(5) { text-align: center; max-width: 12%; word-break: break-word;  }
  td:nth-child(6) { max-width: 30%; }
  tr:nth-child(odd) { background-color: #eee; color: #000; }
  tr:nth-child(even) { background-color: #fff; color: #000; }
  </style>""" +
f"</head><body><h1>Unihan readings, {block_start} to {block_end}</h1>\n" +
"""<p>Unicode version 14. Skips those characters that don't have any reading data. Page created on 2021-12-23.</p>
<p>Abbreviations: <i>M</i>, Mandarin reading; <i>C</i>, Cantonese reading; <i>T</i>, Tang dynasty reading; <i>J-On</i>, Japanese On'yomi reading; <i>J-Kun</i>, Japanese Kun'yomi reading; <i>K</i>, Korean reading; <i>V</i>, Vietnamese reading. In the NumVal column, numbers are followed by <i>P</i>, for kPrimaryNumeric (characters which are mainly used for that numeric value); <i>A</i>, for kAccountingNumeric (characters used for accounting purposes, that can't be easily modified into other numeric characters); or <i>O</i>, for kOtherNumeric (for characters that have uncommon numeric uses).</p>\n""" +
f"""<p>This page contains the block <i>{block_name}</i>, U+{block_start} to U+{block_end}. For other blocks, see these pages:
<a href="unihan-ext-a.html">Extension A (3400–4DBF)</a>,
<a href="unihan-main.html">Unified Ideographs (4E00–9FFF)</a>,
<a href="unihan-compat.html">Compatibility Ideographs (F900–FAFF)</a>,
<a href="unihan-ext-b.html">Extension B (20000–2A6DF)</a>,
<a href="unihan-ext-c.html">Extension C (2A700–2B73F)</a>,
<a href="unihan-ext-d.html">Extension D (2B740–2B81F)</a>,
<a href="unihan-ext-e.html">Extension E (2B820–2CEAF)</a>,
<a href="unihan-ext-f.html">Extension F (2CEB0–2EBEF)</a>,
<a href="unihan-compat-supplement.html">Compatibility Ideographs Supplement (2F800–2FA1F)</a>,
<a href="unihan-ext-g.html">Extension G (30000–3134F)</a>.
for (k, v) in sorted(d.items(), key=lambda p: (int(p[0][2:], 16))):
    if len(v) <= 2: continue
    value = int(k[2:], 16)
    if value < int(block_start, 16) or value > int(block_end, 16): continue
    print(maketableline(k, v))