Unihan readings, 30000 to 3134F

Unicode version 14. Skips those characters that don't have any reading data. Page created on 2021-12-23.

Abbreviations: M, Mandarin reading; C, Cantonese reading; T, Tang dynasty reading; J-On, Japanese On'yomi reading; J-Kun, Japanese Kun'yomi reading; K, Korean reading; V, Vietnamese reading. In the NumVal column, numbers are followed by P, for kPrimaryNumeric (characters which are mainly used for that numeric value); A, for kAccountingNumeric (characters used for accounting purposes, that can't be easily modified into other numeric characters); or O, for kOtherNumeric (for characters that have uncommon numeric uses).

This page contains the block CJK Unified Ideographs Extension G, U+30000 to U+3134F. For other blocks, see these pages: Extension A (3400–4DBF), Unified Ideographs (4E00–9FFF), Compatibility Ideographs (F900–FAFF), Extension B (20000–2A6DF), Extension C (2A700–2B73F), Extension D (2B740–2B81F), Extension E (2B820–2CEAF), Extension F (2CEB0–2EBEF), Compatibility Ideographs Supplement (2F800–2FA1F), Extension G (30000–3134F).

U+30067𰁧6C: sung2
U+30078𰁸8C: dong1
U+3007E𰁾8C: fu6
U+3008B𰂋9C: haan5
U+3008E𰂎9C: haan5
U+3008F𰂏10C: juk6
U+30097𰂗11C: dai3
U+3009C𰂜11C: teoi4
U+300A6𰂦12C: leoi5
U+300AD𰂭14C: ci3
U+300C6𰃆18C: zaan2
U+300F7𰃷6C: cong1
U+300FF𰃿10C: duk6
U+3011E𰄞6C: tyun4
U+30154𰅔12C: leoi6
U+30165𰅥10C: duk6
U+30166𰅦10C: dan1
U+3019A𰆚9C: laam4
U+301C0𰇀11C: haai6
U+301CE𰇎8C: dung2
U+301D5𰇕9C: gaap3
U+301E0𰇠9C: gaa1
U+301E3𰇣9C: hei3
U+301F2𰇲11C: taam2
U+301FC𰇼11C: saam1
U+30206𰈆12C: hei3
U+30207𰈇12C: soeng4
U+3020A𰈊12C: dim2
U+3020D𰈍12C: can3
U+30213𰈓13C: laam6
U+3021D𰈝13(Cant.) awry; slanting; askew
U+3022F𰈯16C: zaan3
U+30236𰈶16C: bok3
U+30244𰉄19C: zaan3
U+30259𰉙7C: gong1
U+3025A𰉚7C: jin6
U+30263𰉣8C: jik6
U+30265𰉥9C: gaap3
U+30269𰉩9C: kok3
U+3026A𰉪9C: jip6
U+3027D𰉽11C: hok6
U+30282𰊂12C: dit6
U+30288𰊈12C: coeng2
U+30291𰊑13C: haam5
U+302A1𰊡14C: jim4
U+302A2𰊢14C: cim3
U+302F8𰋸6C: dong6
U+302F9𰋹7C: zyun1
U+302FD𰋽9C: jim1
U+30300𰌀9C: jing1
U+30302𰌂9C: zing1
U+30306𰌆11C: cim3
U+30307𰌇11C: zaak3
U+30319𰌙16C: laan5
U+30326𰌦9C: aa1
U+3038C𰎌7C: sung2
U+3038E𰎎8C: lung4
U+3038F𰎏8C: dung3
U+30391𰎑8C: jip6
U+30394𰎔9C: jiu4
U+30396𰎖9C: zak1
U+3039E𰎞9C: naau4
U+303A0𰎠10C: ngaam4
U+303AB𰎫12C: ngok6
U+303B9𰎹16C: jin2
U+303C1𰏁19C: cyun4
U+303D5𰏕8C: zin2
U+303DF𰏟15C: laan4
U+303F6𰏶9C: kui2
U+303FC𰏼12C: daai3
U+3043E𰐾6C: kong3
U+30441𰑁7C: tyun4
U+30444𰑄7C: leon4
U+30454𰑔10C: zap1
U+30455𰑕10C: jim1
U+30459𰑙9C: lau4
U+3045F𰑟11C: gung1
U+30465𰑥10C: haan4
U+30467𰑧12C: caam4
U+3046A𰑪11C: sing4
U+3046C𰑬11C: zi3
U+30475𰑵13C: dai3
U+30478𰑸13C: ai3
U+3047F𰑿13C: tong2
U+30486𰒆14C: mun4
U+30492𰒒16C: cit3
U+304C4𰓄7C: caang4
U+304C6𰓆7C: wu2
U+304D4𰓔8C: sim2
U+304DC𰓜9C: zit1
U+304E7𰓧9C: syun1
U+304EC𰓬10C: lai6
U+304F1𰓱10C: hang1
U+304FB𰓻11C: kwai1
U+304FC𰓼11C: saam3
U+30507𰔇12C: dai3
U+3050B𰔋12C: gwai6
U+30528𰔨15C: tan3(Cant.) to put down
U+30532𰔲16C: hin1
U+3053A𰔺19C: duk1(Cant.) to poke
U+30541𰕁10C: cam4
U+30545𰕅8C: keoi1
U+30548𰕈10C: giu2
U+3056D𰕭12C: kui2
U+30588𰖈11C: jim5
U+305A9𰖩15C: lei4
U+305D3𰗓7C: fong2
U+305D6𰗖8C: leon4
U+305DB𰗛9C: sik1
U+305DC𰗜10C: jim2
U+305E1𰗡10C: caan2
U+305E2𰗢10C: wan4
U+305E6𰗦10C: zeon2
U+305E8𰗨11C: si4
U+305EC𰗬11C: cin1
U+305F5𰗵12C: sam2
U+305F9𰗹12C: suk1
U+305FA𰗺13C: fan4
U+30600𰘀13C: daai3
U+30608𰘈14C: guk6
U+30613𰘓14C: king2
U+30620𰘠15C: jim4
U+30623𰘣15C: min4
U+30633𰘳17C: laai6
U+30636𰘶17C: sou1
U+30638𰘸17C: sau2
U+3064B𰙋8C: wu1
U+3064E𰙎11C: lim5
U+30651𰙑12C: siu3
U+30694𰚔9C: ning4
U+306A6𰚦13C: leoi4
U+306CA𰛊6C: maa5
U+306CF𰛏7C: cung4
U+306D2𰛒8C: dung1
U+306DB𰛛8C: sim2
U+306E1𰛡9C: bat1
U+306E3𰛣10C: zap6
U+306E4𰛤9C: zit1
U+306E5𰛥9C: ji4
U+306E6𰛦9C: wai3
U+306E9𰛩9C: sim2
U+306EA𰛪10C: lyun4
U+306EE𰛮10C: lou5
U+306F2𰛲10C: lim6
U+306F5𰛵10C: haan4
U+306FB𰛻10C: ling4
U+306FD𰛽11C: ding2
U+30710𰜐12C: laam5
U+3071C𰜜12C: can3
U+3071D𰜝12C: joeng6
U+30722𰜢12C: ho6
U+30728𰜨13C: zin6
U+30733𰜳14C: jing1
U+30745𰝅15C: jing4
U+3074D𰝍15C: fai1
U+30757𰝗16C: gaan2
U+3075E𰝞17C: siu1
U+3075F𰝟17C: sin2
U+30764𰝤18C: hin2
U+30787𰞇9C: jik6
U+30789𰞉10C: dung6
U+3078D𰞍10C: zit3
U+307A4𰞤11C: gin1
U+307B2𰞲12C: bik1
U+307BB𰞻13C: fan4
U+307D8𰟘15C: jim6
U+3081B𰠛9C: zin1
U+3082B𰠫8C: gong1
U+30832𰠲9C: hang1
U+30839𰠹14C: bei1
U+30844𰡄8C: lou4
U+3084A𰡊9C: hiu1
U+3084E𰡎10C: loi4
U+3084F𰡏10C: wo1
U+30854𰡔11C: caam4
U+3085E𰡞12C: ban6
U+30869𰡩19C: kei4
U+30875𰡵9C: lou4
U+3087B𰡻10C: nou5
U+3087D𰡽11C: sau6
U+30884𰢄12C: suk1
U+308A2𰢢9C: mou5
U+308A4𰢤13C: aang1
U+308A6𰢦14C: lau5
U+308EC𰣬11C: zek3
U+308EF𰣯12C: gaan2
U+308F6𰣶14C: teoi4
U+308FC𰣼15C: zik1
U+308FD𰣽15C: lyun4
U+30915𰤕10C: lik6
U+30928𰤨12C: taat3
U+3092C𰤬13C: duk6
U+3094A𰥊26C: ham3
U+30952𰥒9C: cung1
U+3095B𰥛10C: fan3
U+30960𰥠11C: maan5
U+30962𰥢12C: saai2
U+30968𰥨12C: gaan3
U+3096A𰥪13C: kwai1
U+30979𰥹15C: tong2
U+30994𰦔9C: kwai1
U+3099C𰦜15C: baa6
U+309A6𰦦9C: lik6
U+309A8𰦨9C: wai2
U+309AD𰦭10C: lung4
U+309B0𰦰10C: zaak6
U+309B4𰦴11C: aa1
U+309B7𰦷11C: lou4
U+309BE𰦾12C: ngaam4
U+309BF𰦿12C: to4
U+309C3𰧃12C: gaan3
U+309C7𰧇13C: jin4
U+309C9𰧉13C: zat1
U+309D4𰧔15C: laam4
U+309D8𰧘15C: zyu1
U+309F0𰧰8C: joeng4
U+309FB𰧻11C: kui3
U+309FE𰧾11C: nung4
U+30A16𰨖20C: tai4
U+30A1C𰨜8C: kong3
U+30A26𰨦11C: zai6
U+30A33𰨳15C: ci4
U+30A45𰩅10C: lung1
U+30A4F𰩏12C: tiu5
U+30A53𰩓14C: cang1
U+30A67𰩧14C: seoi1
U+30A6E𰩮10C: tyun4
U+30A72𰩲11C: lou4
U+30A78𰩸12C: giu1
U+30A79𰩹12C: dong6
U+30A7A𰩺12C: ak1
U+30A7B𰩻13C: zaa1
U+30A8A𰪊15C: zung1
U+30A8F𰪏16C: lou6
U+30AA3𰪣23C: jing4
U+30AAB𰪫10C: tyun4
U+30AAD𰪭10C: zoeng1
U+30AB6𰪶12C: tyun4
U+30ACB𰫋17C: mun4
U+30AD6𰫖22C: laan6
U+30AFC𰫼5C: zang2
U+30AFD𰫽7C: fau4
U+30B00𰬀7C: gai3
U+30B01𰬁7C: wu6
U+30B02𰬂8C: o1
U+30B05𰬅8C: fu1
U+30B06𰬆8C: keoi4
U+30B07𰬇8C: zyu3
U+30B08𰬈8C: jin4
U+30B09𰬉8C: to4
U+30B0B𰬋8C: wang4
U+30B0C𰬌9C: gang1
U+30B0D𰬍9C: haap6
U+30B0E𰬎9C: bat1
U+30B0F𰬏9C: zyu1
U+30B10𰬐9C: hiu1
U+30B11𰬑9C: zang1
U+30B12𰬒9C: ci3
U+30B13𰬓9C: goi1
U+30B14𰬔9C: bang1
U+30B16𰬖10C: sing4
U+30B17𰬗10C: kau4
U+30B18𰬘10C: fat1
U+30B1A𰬚10C: wan4
U+30B1B𰬛10C: zi6
U+30B1C𰬜10C: man6
U+30B1E𰬞10C: cim1
U+30B1F𰬟11C: wik6
U+30B20𰬠11C: waak6
U+30B21𰬡11C: cap1
U+30B22𰬢11C: cai1
U+30B23𰬣11C: sik1
U+30B24𰬤11C: bik1
U+30B25𰬥11C: zung2
U+30B27𰬧11C: taam1
U+30B29𰬩11C: sau3
U+30B2A𰬪11C: saam1
U+30B2B𰬫12C: zi3
U+30B2C𰬬12C: miu4
U+30B2E𰬮12C: hin3
U+30B2F𰬯12C: zung1
U+30B30𰬰12C: zung2
U+30B31𰬱13C: sok3
U+30B32𰬲13C: cyun4
U+30B33𰬳13C: jik6
U+30B34𰬴13C: zoi2
U+30B35𰬵14C: syun6
U+30B37𰬷15C: saan3
U+30B38𰬸15C: seoi6
U+30B3A𰬺15C: zeon1
U+30B3B𰬻15C: wat6
U+30B3D𰬽16C: gaai3
U+30B3F𰬿17C: fuk6
U+30B40𰭀18C: jau1
U+30B44𰭄14C: gun3
U+30B54𰭔15C: gyun3
U+30B62𰭢12C: saap3
U+30B63𰭣13C: dou6
U+30B79𰭹11C: lung4
U+30B85𰮅7C: hoeng1
U+30B87𰮇8C: fu1
U+30B99𰮙9C: zo3
U+30B9D𰮝10C: hiu1
U+30BB2𰮲12C: sau1
U+30BCB𰯋16C: nai4
U+30BCE𰯎15C: mun4
U+30C0B𰰋10C: soeng1
U+30C0F𰰏15C: daai3
U+30C11𰰑15C: lau4
U+30C20𰰠7C: zeoi6
U+30C24𰰤8C: jau1
U+30C28𰰨8C: leon4
U+30C31𰰱9C: deoi6
U+30C33𰰳10C: si1
U+30C34𰰴10C: hei2
U+30C35𰰵10C: saat3
U+30C37𰰷10C: fu6
U+30C39𰰹10C: lau4
U+30C3A𰰺10C: cit3
U+30C3E𰰾11C: gwo1
U+30C40𰱀11C: gung3
U+30C47𰱇11C: gaan1
U+30C48𰱈11C: wing6
U+30C49𰱉11C: mang4
U+30C4C𰱌11C: naap6
U+30C4D𰱍11C: fan4
U+30C50𰱐12C: zuk6
U+30C5B𰱛12C: zung1
U+30C5F𰱟13C: fan4
U+30C69𰱩13C: leoi4
U+30C6E𰱮14C: leoi4
U+30C6F𰱯14C: bei1
U+30C71𰱱14C: ci4
U+30C72𰱲15C: zik1
U+30C7E𰱾17C: laai6
U+30C81𰲁17C: teoi4
U+30C82𰲂17C: tang4
U+30C92𰲒20C: leoi6
U+30C96𰲖22C: hiu1
U+30C9F𰲟12C: wu1
U+30CA0𰲠13C: zaan6
U+30CAB𰲫10C: mou4
U+30CAC𰲬10C: ce1
U+30CAE𰲮10C: hin2
U+30CAF𰲯10C: zung1
U+30CB0𰲰10C: leon4
U+30CB2𰲲10C: wai1
U+30CB4𰲴11C: lung4
U+30CB5𰲵11C: zaak6
U+30CB6𰲶11C: hing1
U+30CB8𰲸12C: ok3
U+30CB9𰲹12C: ngai5
U+30CBB𰲻13C: daat6
U+30CC2𰳂14C: zim6
U+30CC4𰳄14C: can4
U+30CCA𰳊15C: fei4
U+30CD7𰳗17C: ang1
U+30CDA𰳚17C: wai6
U+30CF2𰳲11C: lung4
U+30CF5𰳵11C: ngai6
U+30CF8𰳸11C: deoi3
U+30CFA𰳺12C: nung4
U+30CFB𰳻13C: daat6
U+30CFC𰳼13C: si1
U+30D02𰴂14C: sam1
U+30D15𰴕9C: pit3
U+30D16𰴖9C: siu6
U+30D18𰴘11C: gaan3
U+30D19𰴙11C: gwan1
U+30D1C𰴜15C: ceoi3
U+30D1D𰴝16C: lo4
U+30D1E𰴞17C: ceoi3
U+30D22𰴢12C: luk6
U+30D23𰴣12C: hok6
U+30D24𰴤14C: daai2
U+30D2F𰴯13C: jing4
U+30D4A𰵊4C: giu3
U+30D4C𰵌5C: joeng4
U+30D4D𰵍6C: zeon3
U+30D4E𰵎6C: jau4
U+30D4F𰵏6C: caau2
U+30D51𰵑6C: ngo4
U+30D52𰵒6C: sam4
U+30D53𰵓7C: seot1
U+30D54𰵔7C: jai6
U+30D56𰵖7C: ngai6
U+30D57𰵗7C: joeng3
U+30D59𰵙7C: dit6
U+30D5A𰵚7C: ling4
U+30D5B𰵛7C: gau3
U+30D5C𰵜7C: tou4
U+30D5D𰵝7C: wo4
U+30D5E𰵞7C: wing6
U+30D60𰵠7C: naau4
U+30D61𰵡7C: hang1
U+30D63𰵣8C: hap6
U+30D64𰵤8C: ngaak6
U+30D65𰵥8C: ci4
U+30D66𰵦8C: haau6
U+30D67𰵧9C: zi3
U+30D68𰵨9C: zim1
U+30D69𰵩9C: bou1
U+30D6D𰵭9C: cim4
U+30D6E𰵮9C: ngo4
U+30D6F𰵯9C: saa3
U+30D70𰵰10C: hang6
U+30D71𰵱10C: cam1
U+30D72𰵲10C: hei1
U+30D74𰵴10C: cuk1
U+30D75𰵵10C: ngai6
U+30D76𰵶10C: zeoi3
U+30D77𰵷10C: zyut3
U+30D78𰵸10C: daap6
U+30D79𰵹12C: zip3
U+30D7A𰵺12C: jyun4
U+30D7C𰵼12C: waak6
U+30D7D𰵽12C: tou1
U+30D7E𰵾12C: hai5
U+30D7F𰵿12C: hok6
U+30D80𰶀13C: jyu4
U+30D81𰶁13C: ji4
U+30D82𰶂13C: cung3
U+30D83𰶃13C: zaap6
U+30D84𰶄14C: zaa1
U+30D86𰶆14C: ham6
U+30D87𰶇14C: to1
U+30D88𰶈14C: ci4
U+30D89𰶉15C: taan1
U+30D8A𰶊15C: ji1
U+30D8C𰶌16C: nau6
U+30D8D𰶍16C: gyun3
U+30D8E𰶎16C: sap1
U+30D8F𰶏19C: jiu6
U+30D91𰶑12C: lung4
U+30D94𰶔15C: duk6
U+30DAC𰶬16C: lau4
U+30DDE𰷞7C: tik1
U+30DE1𰷡8C: wun6
U+30DE2𰷢9C: ci4
U+30DE4𰷤12C: seoi6
U+30DE5𰷥12C: cung4
U+30DE6𰷦13C: fai3
U+30DE7𰷧13C: zeon2
U+30DE9𰷩14C: sing6
U+30DEA𰷪14C: jat6
U+30DEB𰷫16C: biu1
U+30DED𰷭18C: zong1
U+30DEE𰷮20C: jyun5
U+30DF5𰷵13C: hiu1
U+30DF6𰷶13C: kiu4
U+30E08𰸈13C: dip6
U+30E0A𰸊13C: gwai6
U+30E10𰸐14C: saai2
U+30E14𰸔15C: lin4
U+30E1A𰸚16C: zai6
U+30E1B𰸛16C: cai3
U+30E1E𰸞16C: teoi4
U+30E40𰹀15C: do2
U+30E72𰹲7C: wai6
U+30E74𰹴7C: faan6
U+30E75𰹵7C: ngai5
U+30E76𰹶8C: kwong4
U+30E78𰹸8C: tyun4
U+30E7A𰹺8C: faan2
U+30E7C𰹼9C: zaan6
U+30E7D𰹽9C: paang1
U+30E7F𰹿9C: fu2
U+30E80𰺀9C: dai2
U+30E81𰺁9C: keoi4
U+30E82𰺂9C: pou4
U+30E83𰺃9C: deoi3
U+30E84𰺄10C: gung2
U+30E85𰺅10C: guk1
U+30E87𰺇11C: wun6
U+30E88𰺈11C: wan5
U+30E89𰺉12C: sin3
U+30E8A𰺊12C: ling4
U+30E8B𰺋12C: zip3
U+30E8D𰺍12C: gwo2
U+30E8E𰺎12C: paai4
U+30E8F𰺏12C: paang4
U+30E90𰺐12C: ham2
U+30E91𰺑12C: jyun1
U+30E92𰺒13C: cyun4
U+30E93𰺓13C: fuk1
U+30E96𰺖14C: zeon1
U+30E97𰺗14C: laam6
U+30E99𰺙15C: sik1
U+30E9C𰺜16C: faan1
U+30E9D𰺝16C: cung1
U+30E9E𰺞16C: zaan6
U+30E9F𰺟17C: gik1
U+30EA1𰺡18C: hat6
U+30EA3𰺣19C: leon6
U+30EB2𰺲7C: dong6
U+30EB7𰺷10C: jiu2
U+30EC6𰻆13C: dai6
U+30EDD𰻝43M: biángbiangbiang noodles
U+30EDE𰻞58M: biángbiangbiang noodles
U+30EE1𰻡7C: heoi2
U+30EE6𰻦7C: wai4
U+30EEE𰻮11C: hiu1
U+30EF3𰻳12C: bei3
U+30F05𰼅12C: jik6
U+30F11𰼑18C: mai4
U+30F3B𰼻17C: hing1
U+30F55𰽕7C: gei1
U+30F56𰽖7C: baat3
U+30F58𰽘8C: dai6
U+30F5A𰽚8C: kong3
U+30F5B𰽛8C: ciu2
U+30F5C𰽜9C: au1
U+30F5D𰽝9C: lik6
U+30F60𰽠9C: zi2
U+30F61𰽡9C: jat6
U+30F62𰽢9C: jin6
U+30F63𰽣9C: jan6
U+30F65𰽥10C: bing3
U+30F66𰽦10C: lung4
U+30F67𰽧10C: pei1
U+30F68𰽨10C: zaai2
U+30F69𰽩10C: kaa1
U+30F6B𰽫10C: sang1
U+30F6C𰽬10C: wo4
U+30F6D𰽭10C: ngau1
U+30F6E𰽮10C: fau4
U+30F6F𰽯10C: zyu3
U+30F70𰽰10C: bun6
U+30F71𰽱10C: fat6
U+30F72𰽲11C: gat1
U+30F73𰽳11C: ham6
U+30F74𰽴11C: kwaa1
U+30F75𰽵11C: gwong1
U+30F76𰽶11C: tung4
U+30F77𰽷11C: wai3
U+30F78𰽸11C: pik1
U+30F79𰽹11C: ci2
U+30F7A𰽺11C: gwai2
U+30F7C𰽼11C: beng2
U+30F7E𰽾12C: gwo2
U+30F7F𰽿12C: zip3
U+30F80𰾀12C: but6
U+30F81𰾁12C: hung3
U+30F84𰾄12C: mui4
U+30F85𰾅12C: ham4
U+30F86𰾆12C: juk6
U+30F88𰾈12C: so1
U+30F8B𰾋12C: fu3
U+30F8C𰾌13C: zim6
U+30F8D𰾍13C: biu1
U+30F8E𰾎13C: pai1
U+30F8F𰾏13C: tou4
U+30F91𰾑13C: gam1
U+30F92𰾒13C: gun2
U+30F93𰾓13C: taap3
U+30F95𰾕14C: jip6
U+30F96𰾖14C: do6
U+30F97𰾗14C: kim4
U+30F98𰾘14C: zam1
U+30F99𰾙14C: jyu4
U+30F9A𰾚14C: wui2
U+30F9B𰾛14C: gaai3
U+30F9C𰾜14C: dyun1
U+30F9D𰾝14C: seng3
U+30F9E𰾞14C: zung1
U+30F9F𰾟14C: fuk1
U+30FA1𰾡14C: gwang1
U+30FA2𰾢14C: se4
U+30FA4𰾤14C: haa4
U+30FA5𰾥14C: kwai4
U+30FA7𰾧15C: ngou6
U+30FA9𰾩15C: jip6
U+30FAA𰾪15C: aa1
U+30FAB𰾫15C: gaam3
U+30FAC𰾬15C: taap3
U+30FAD𰾭15C: oi3
U+30FAE𰾮15C: lim4
U+30FAF𰾯15C: tong4
U+30FB0𰾰16C: ceoi1
U+30FB1𰾱16C: cung1
U+30FB2𰾲16C: luk6
U+30FB4𰾴17C: si1
U+30FB6𰾶17C: wai6
U+30FB7𰾷17C: zaam1
U+30FB8𰾸17C: ding2
U+30FB9𰾹17C: zyun1
U+30FBB𰾻17C: tin4
U+30FBC𰾼17C: cyun1
U+30FBD𰾽17C: suk6
U+30FBE𰾾18C: jit6
U+30FC0𰿀18C: gaam3
U+30FC1𰿁18C: ou1
U+30FC2𰿂19C: seoi1
U+30FC3𰿃20C: mit6
U+30FC4𰿄20C: leoi4
U+30FC6𰿆21C: zyun3
U+30FC8𰿈22C: zim1
U+30FC9𰿉23C: leoi5
U+30FE8𰿨7C: gun2
U+30FEB𰿫7C: wai2
U+30FF0𰿰10C: ni1
U+30FF3𰿳11C: saat3
U+30FF4𰿴12C: ngaat6
U+30FFB𰿻15C: kap1
U+30FFE𰿾16C: pik1
U+31011𱀑10C: zat1
U+31021𱀡12C: fan4
U+31052𱁒13C: deoi6
U+31074𱁴15C: bat1
U+31076𱁶16C: cin1swing
U+31077𱁷17C: duk6
U+31079𱁹18C: gwai6
U+3107A𱁺18C: lau4
U+3107D𱁽21C: laan4
U+3107E𱁾25C: laan4
U+31085𱂅9C: bei3
U+31086𱂆10C: gaap3
U+31087𱂇10C: hyun3
U+31088𱂈10C: wan6
U+31089𱂉11C: ciu3
U+3108A𱂊13C: sip3
U+3108B𱂋17C: duk6
U+3108E𱂎20C: haai6
U+31090𱂐16C: wan6
U+310A3𱂣12C: jiu4
U+310A4𱂤12C: fui3
U+310A5𱂥12C: ngaak6
U+310A6𱂦12C: ping1
U+310A7𱂧12C: loi6
U+310A8𱂨12C: aat3
U+310AB𱂫13C: jim5
U+310AC𱂬13C: kwai4
U+310AD𱂭14C: ceoi4
U+310AF𱂯14C: seoi6
U+310B0𱂰14C: ham5
U+310B1𱂱15C: ham2
U+310B2𱂲15C: soi1
U+310B4𱂴16C: gong2
U+310B5𱂵16C: fui1
U+310B6𱂶16C: seon3
U+310B8𱂸16C: ban1
U+310BA𱂺17C: piu5
U+310BB𱂻18C: ciu4
U+310D4𱃔7C: biu1
U+310D5𱃕8C: haa1
U+310D7𱃗9C: toi4
U+310D8𱃘10C: lit6
U+310D9𱃙10C: lau4
U+310DD𱃝12C: haau1
U+310DF𱃟15C: zaap6
U+310E0𱃠16C: biu1
U+310F2𱃲7C: jyu3
U+310F3𱃳7C: bok3
U+310F4𱃴7C: faan6
U+310FA𱃺9C: tim5
U+310FC𱃼11C: ban1
U+310FD𱃽11C: ak1
U+310FE𱃾11C: bau6
U+310FF𱃿11C: daam6
U+31100𱄀12C: fan1
U+31103𱄃12C: gin1
U+31104𱄄12C: fui3
U+31106𱄆15C: ci3
U+31108𱄈17C: mung4
U+3110A𱄊19C: zaan3
U+3113C𱄼6C: zyu3
U+3113D𱄽6C: tok3
U+3113F𱄿6C: duk6
U+31140𱅀7C: bou2
U+31141𱅁7C: zap1
U+31142𱅂7C: saap3
U+31143𱅃8C: geoi6
U+31144𱅄8C: but6
U+31145𱅅8C: lung4
U+31147𱅇8C: can2
U+31148𱅈8C: bat6
U+31149𱅉9C: jung4
U+3114A𱅊9C: zi3
U+3114B𱅋9C: ji5
U+3114F𱅏9C: tou4
U+31150𱅐9C: bok3
U+31154𱅔10C: sung2
U+31155𱅕10C: loi4
U+31156𱅖10C: hyun1
U+31157𱅗10C: ngo5
U+31159𱅙10C: teoi3
U+3115A𱅚11C: se3
U+3115B𱅛11C: to4
U+3115C𱅜12C: jiu5
U+3115D𱅝12C: pin3
U+3115E𱅞12C: haa4
U+3115F𱅟12C: jau4
U+31160𱅠13C: hon6
U+31161𱅡13C: gwai1
U+31162𱅢13C: sing4
U+31163𱅣13C: tou1
U+31164𱅤13C: pan1
U+31166𱅦14C: wong4
U+31167𱅧14C: heoi1
U+31169𱅩14C: zaap6
U+3116A𱅪15C: tim5
U+3116B𱅫15C: wat6
U+3116C𱅬19C: jin3
U+3116E𱅮15C: haau1
U+31180𱆀17C: haan1
U+31181𱆁17C: haan1
U+31185𱆅20C: laam4
U+31186𱆆21C: mun4
U+3118C𱆌15C: soeng1
U+31199𱆙16C: caau1
U+3119B𱆛17C: cau4
U+311CF𱇏11C: tok3
U+311D0𱇐12C: jyun4
U+311D2𱇒12C: pei4
U+311D3𱇓12C: wu4
U+311D4𱇔12C: naap6
U+311D6𱇖12C: baan2
U+311D7𱇗12C: leon4
U+311D8𱇘12C: hong4
U+311D9𱇙12C: sam2
U+311DA𱇚13C: mut6
U+311DB𱇛13C: mei6
U+311DC𱇜13C: keoi1
U+311DD𱇝13C: pei1
U+311DE𱇞13C: sin5
U+311DF𱇟13C: haap6
U+311E0𱇠13C: cau4
U+311E1𱇡13C: sing1
U+311E2𱇢13C: gwan2
U+311E3𱇣13C: but6
U+311E5𱇥14C: gang2
U+311E6𱇦14C: fu1
U+311E7𱇧14C: ji4
U+311E8𱇨14C: suk1
U+311E9𱇩14C: giu2
U+311EA𱇪14C: lok6
U+311ED𱇭15C: loi4
U+311EE𱇮15C: mong4
U+311EF𱇯15C: saau1
U+311F1𱇱15C: jau4
U+311F2𱇲15C: fu1
U+311F3𱇳15C: so1
U+311F5𱇵16C: zik1
U+311F6𱇶16C: luk6
U+311F7𱇷16C: cok3
U+311F8𱇸16C: jing6
U+311FA𱇺16C: gwai3
U+311FB𱇻16C: haam6
U+311FC𱇼16C: gau6
U+311FD𱇽16C: guk1
U+311FE𱇾16C: zung1
U+311FF𱇿16C: suk1
U+31201𱈁16C: saan1
U+31202𱈂17C: jyu4
U+31204𱈄17C: hau4
U+31205𱈅17C: zung1
U+31207𱈇17C: gang2
U+31209𱈉18C: kin4
U+3120A𱈊18C: lau4
U+3120B𱈋18C: hou6
U+3120C𱈌18C: sau1
U+3120D𱈍18C: joek6
U+3120F𱈏19C: zuk6
U+31210𱈐19C: zyun1
U+31211𱈑19C: fai1
U+31212𱈒20C: si1
U+31213𱈓20C: cam4
U+31215𱈕20C: faan1
U+31217𱈗22C: jyu4
U+31218𱈘22C: soeng4
U+31219𱈙23C: mit6
U+3121A𱈚24C: ngok6
U+3121C𱈜24C: sin1
U+31247𱉇6C: jyut6
U+31248𱉈7C: dou1
U+3124A𱉊8C: gon1
U+3124C𱉌8C: ji4
U+3124D𱉍9C: juk6
U+3124E𱉎9C: fu1
U+3124F𱉏9C: tyun4
U+31250𱉐9C: gwik1
U+31251𱉑9C: baan1
U+31253𱉓9C: wu6
U+31254𱉔9C: kyut3
U+31255𱉕10C: go1
U+31256𱉖10C: pei4
U+31257𱉗10C: daan3
U+31258𱉘10C: zeoi1
U+31259𱉙10C: zi2
U+3125A𱉚10C: tit3
U+3125B𱉛10C: zi6
U+3125D𱉝10C: gip3
U+3125E𱉞10C: mou5
U+3125F𱉟10C: zaak6
U+31260𱉠10C: ging1
U+31261𱉡10C: bin2
U+31262𱉢10C: jiu2
U+31265𱉥11C: gat1
U+31266𱉦11C: lou5
U+31268𱉨11C: aa1
U+31269𱉩11C: ji4
U+3126A𱉪11C: ngaai6
U+3126B𱉫11C: zyu1
U+3126C𱉬11C: giu1
U+3126E𱉮11C: lok6
U+3126F𱉯11C: joeng4
U+31270𱉰11C: jyu6
U+31271𱉱11C: kwan1
U+31272𱉲11C: mau4
U+31273𱉳11C: maai5
U+31274𱉴12C: joeng4
U+31275𱉵12C: loi4
U+31276𱉶12C: hon2
U+31278𱉸12C: tou4
U+31279𱉹12C: hei1
U+3127B𱉻12C: to2
U+3127C𱉼12C: zik3
U+3127D𱉽12C: gei6
U+3127E𱉾12C: zeon3
U+3127F𱉿12C: zeon3
U+31280𱊀13C: luk6
U+31281𱊁13C: kei4
U+31282𱊂13C: ming4
U+31283𱊃13C: lei4
U+31284𱊄13C: jik6
U+31285𱊅13C: zeoi1
U+31286𱊆13C: tou3
U+31287𱊇13C: guk1
U+31288𱊈13C: jik6
U+3128A𱊊13C: hung1
U+3128B𱊋13C: gin1
U+3128C𱊌13C: geoi1
U+3128D𱊍13C: zyut3
U+3128E𱊎13C: zi1
U+3128F𱊏14C: fuk1
U+31290𱊐14C: gaai1
U+31291𱊑14C: ceon1
U+31295𱊕14C: tai4
U+31296𱊖14C: dat6
U+31297𱊗14C: jau4
U+31298𱊘14C: cyun3
U+31299𱊙15C: zan3
U+3129A𱊚15C: tin4
U+3129B𱊛15C: zeon2
U+3129D𱊝15C: tong4
U+3129F𱊟15C: hat6
U+312A0𱊠16C: tou4
U+312A1𱊡16C: jiu5
U+312A4𱊤16C: jung4
U+312A6𱊦17C: ji3
U+312A7𱊧17C: kyut3
U+312A8𱊨17C: keoi4
U+312A9𱊩17C: tou4
U+312AA𱊪18C: ling4
U+312AB𱊫18C: jyu4
U+312AD𱊭18C: jyu6
U+312AE𱊮18C: lo4
U+312AF𱊯18C: gik1
U+312B0𱊰18C: ji3
U+312B1𱊱19C: dik6
U+312B3𱊳20C: leoi5
U+312B5𱊵22C: joek6
U+312C6𱋆10C: saan3
U+312C7𱋇10C: hat6
U+312CA𱋊12C: mut6
U+312CB𱋋12C: heoi3
U+312D0𱋐13C: kuk1
U+312D4𱋔13C: bing2
U+312D6𱋖14C: fu1
U+312D7𱋗14C: fu1
U+312D9𱋙15C: gwo2
U+312E2𱋢16C: ciu2
U+312EB𱋫19C: kwong3
U+312EE𱋮21C: mung4
U+312F1𱋱20C: fan4
U+312F6𱋶17C: lou1
U+312FE𱋾13C: cuk1
U+312FF𱋿13C: heoi3
U+31301𱌁13C: keoi4
U+31303𱌃14C: waa1
U+31304𱌄16C: zi1
U+31306𱌆18C: man4
U+31307𱌇19C: bit3
U+31309𱌉21C: bik1
U+3130A𱌊17C: coeng1
U+3130F𱌏19C: wan4
U+31316𱌖20C: nung6
U+31317𱌗10C: cai4steam
U+31318𱌘11C: zi1
U+31319𱌙12C: zi1
U+3132B𱌫13C: jin6
U+3132D𱌭13C: zau1
U+3132E𱌮13C: ceot1
U+3132F𱌯13C: ci1
U+31331𱌱14C: sit3
U+31332𱌲14C: kyun4
U+31333𱌳14C: wan5
U+31336𱌶16C: cuk1
U+31339𱌹17C: jyu4
U+3133A𱌺18C: din1
U+3133D𱌽18C: jik1
U+31341𱍁8C: gung1
U+31342𱍂10C: daap6
U+31347𱍇12C: tung4
U+31348𱍈18C: bit3