Unihan readings, 2CEB0 to 2EBEF

Unicode version 14. Skips those characters that don't have any reading data. Page created on 2021-12-23.

Abbreviations: M, Mandarin reading; C, Cantonese reading; T, Tang dynasty reading; J-On, Japanese On'yomi reading; J-Kun, Japanese Kun'yomi reading; K, Korean reading; V, Vietnamese reading. In the NumVal column, numbers are followed by P, for kPrimaryNumeric (characters which are mainly used for that numeric value); A, for kAccountingNumeric (characters used for accounting purposes, that can't be easily modified into other numeric characters); or O, for kOtherNumeric (for characters that have uncommon numeric uses).

This page contains the block CJK Unified Ideographs Extension F, U+2CEB0 to U+2EBEF. For other blocks, see these pages: Extension A (3400–4DBF), Unified Ideographs (4E00–9FFF), Compatibility Ideographs (F900–FAFF), Extension B (20000–2A6DF), Extension C (2A700–2B73F), Extension D (2B740–2B81F), Extension E (2B820–2CEAF), Extension F (2CEB0–2EBEF), Compatibility Ideographs Supplement (2F800–2FA1F), Extension G (30000–3134F).

U+2CF01𬼁2dram (apothecary symbol ʒ)
U+2CF04𬼄3ounce (apothecary symbol ℥)
U+2CF96𬾖9C: jing3
U+2D016𭀖4M:manage, control; thousandth part of tael
U+2D11B𭄛18C: zin2
U+2D1DC𭇜8C: put3
U+2D1E1𭇡9C: dyut1
U+2D1EF𭇯9C: lau4
U+2D21C𭈜11C: bei6
U+2D382𭎂7C: zung1a kind of edible mushroom
U+2D39C𭎜10C: dou2
U+2D3E6𭏦14C: oi2
U+2D613𭘓7C: fu1
U+2D6A6𭚦6C: kwok3
U+2D784𭞄13C: oi3
U+2D819𭠙8C: pok3
U+2D8C7𭣇19C: din1
U+2D8E7𭣧9C: jik6
U+2D90E𭤎18C: lei4
U+2D930𭤰9C: jyu4
U+2D9CB𭧋14C: tong2
U+2DA5A𭩚7C: ngai5
U+2DA5B𭩛7C: haan4
U+2DA70𭩰9C: fat6
U+2DA86𭪆10C: zaa1
U+2DAC0𭫀13C: gwai6
U+2DAD9𭫙13C: dik1
U+2DB48𭭈10C: aa3
U+2DC0E𭰎9C: dong1
U+2DC4A𭱊12C: hung6
U+2DCAB𭲫15C: zuk1
U+2DD0A𭴊8C: mou4
U+2DE5C𭹜12C: lo4
U+2E024𮀤12C: lou4
U+2E02A𮀪13C: gun3
U+2E18F𮆏18C: laan4
U+2E1D4𮇔12C: aa3
U+2E260𮉠5C: kau4
U+2E261𮉡8C: lou4
U+2E262𮉢8C: dit6
U+2E263𮉣8C: zok6
U+2E264𮉤9C: gwaa3
U+2E267𮉧10C: loeng5
U+2E268𮉨10C: gwaa1
U+2E26A𮉪11C: zau1
U+2E26B𮉫11C: jeoi4
U+2E26C𮉬11C: ceoi3
U+2E26E𮉮14C: seoi3
U+2E26F𮉯14C: coi3
U+2E41A𮐚13C: faan4
U+2E428𮐨14C: jing1
U+2E502𮔂11C: zit3
U+2E505𮔅12C: fu6
U+2E50A𮔊13C: loeng5
U+2E581𮖁12C: loeng5
U+2E583𮖃12C: gin1
U+2E5B1𮖱17C: kit3
U+2E64A𮙊14C: jan2
U+2E64B𮙋17C: duk6
U+2E6D7𮛗13C: tek3
U+2E736𮜶14C: dou6
U+2E774𮝴9C: gu1
U+2E775𮝵10C: ji4
U+2E777𮝷13C: fan4
U+2E778𮝸13C: ceon1
U+2E779𮝹17C: waan4
U+2E77A𮝺16C: got3
U+2E81E𮠞11C: coeng1
U+2E833𮠳15C: cam2
U+2E8F2𮣲8C: gong1
U+2E8F3𮣳9C: wang4
U+2E8F4𮣴11C: sin4
U+2E8F5𮣵13C: zyut3
U+2E8F6𮣶15C: leoi6
U+2E92B𮤫5C: mun4
U+2E92C𮤬6C: cyu3
U+2E92D𮤭6C: diu2
U+2E932𮤲8C: bei3
U+2E9F4𮧴8C: coeng3
U+2E9F5𮧵10C: wai5
U+2EA34𮨴12C: fung1
U+2EA35𮨵15C: lau4
U+2EA5B𮩛9C: bat1
U+2EA5C𮩜8C: hoi3
U+2EA5E𮩞15C: ji3
U+2EAA1𮪡10C: mong4
U+2EAA2𮪢10C: haai5
U+2EAA3𮪣12C: zung1
U+2EAA4𮪤12C: cou2
U+2EAA5𮪥15C: deon1
U+2EAC2𮫂15C: ning4
U+2EB1B𮬛12C: jyu4
U+2EB1C𮬜14C: ngai6
U+2EB1D𮬝14C: gwai3
U+2EB1E𮬞15C: caan1
U+2EB20𮬠16C: luk6
U+2EB23𮬣19C: haam4
U+2EB24𮬤23C: zam1
U+2EB61𮭡9C: gaai3
U+2EB62𮭢9C: jiu1
U+2EB68𮭨15C: aan3
U+2EB6A𮭪16C: soeng1
U+2EB87𮮇13C: mau4
U+2EBD9𮯙13C: kaa1