Unihan readings, 2B820 to 2CEAF

Unicode version 14. Skips those characters that don't have any reading data. Page created on 2021-12-23.

Abbreviations: M, Mandarin reading; C, Cantonese reading; T, Tang dynasty reading; J-On, Japanese On'yomi reading; J-Kun, Japanese Kun'yomi reading; K, Korean reading; V, Vietnamese reading. In the NumVal column, numbers are followed by P, for kPrimaryNumeric (characters which are mainly used for that numeric value); A, for kAccountingNumeric (characters used for accounting purposes, that can't be easily modified into other numeric characters); or O, for kOtherNumeric (for characters that have uncommon numeric uses).

This page contains the block CJK Unified Ideographs Extension E, U+2B820 to U+2CEAF. For other blocks, see these pages: Extension A (3400–4DBF), Unified Ideographs (4E00–9FFF), Compatibility Ideographs (F900–FAFF), Extension B (20000–2A6DF), Extension C (2A700–2B73F), Extension D (2B740–2B81F), Extension E (2B820–2CEAF), Extension F (2CEB0–2EBEF), Compatibility Ideographs Supplement (2F800–2FA1F), Extension G (30000–3134F).

U+2B825𫠥6M: lòuto retire into obscurity
U+2B851𫡑6M: yīn
U+2B88A𫢊5C: cin4money, currency, coins
U+2B892𫢒7C: lung5
U+2B899𫢙8C: dung6
U+2B8AA𫢪9C: lin5
U+2B8AC𫢬9C: lou4
U+2B8AD𫢭9C: wai5
U+2B8B8𫢸10M: dàn, C: daan6
U+2B8BA𫢺10C: caam1
U+2B8C9𫣉12C: laam4
U+2B8CA𫣊12C: oi3
U+2B938𫤸7C: mou6
U+2B977𫥷7C: dyut3conical; a knob
U+2B985𫦅10C: siu3
U+2B98C𫦌11C: zyut6
U+2B99F𫦟19C: cim1to cut, stick in
U+2B9A9𫦩9C: loeng5
U+2B9B3𫦳11C: dyut3
U+2B9EE𫧮9C: buk1
U+2B9EF𫧯9C: sit3
U+2B9FF𫧿15C: duk6
U+2BA55𫩕6C: gwang1
U+2BA56𫩖6C: mun4
U+2BA5B𫩛7C: cung4
U+2BA65𫩥8C: gau6
U+2BA66𫩦8C: nip3thin, flat, poor
U+2BA73𫩳9C: ngai1
U+2BA7A𫩺9C: zeon3
U+2BA7D𫩽10C: hong3to run aground
U+2BA7E𫩾10C: baan1to turn over
U+2BA80𫪀9C: go6
U+2BA81𫪁10C: loi6
U+2BA83𫪃10C: lai6
U+2BA8C𫪌10C: zam6to drown
U+2BA8D𫪍10C: sam6bad, wicked
U+2BA92𫪒11C: baan2phonetic
U+2BA9A𫪚11C: zaam2
U+2BAA2𫪢11C: ning6to turn, skip, shake
U+2BAA7𫪧11C: hiu1
U+2BAB1𫪱12C: saa2to wave away
U+2BAC3𫫃13C: e1(Cant.) sarcastic interrogative
U+2BAC4𫫄13C: ngaap3to tuck up, strap
U+2BAC7𫫇13M: è, C: ok3
U+2BAC8𫫈13C: bop6rapping or popping sound
U+2BAE6𫫦14C: daam6
U+2BAE8𫫨15C: ban1phonetic
U+2BAF2𫫲15C: zoen6confused
U+2BAFE𫫾16C: pan4
U+2BAFF𫫿16C: ling1tinkling; a fender
U+2BB00𫬀16C: doe1sound of a trumpet
U+2BB03𫬃16C: waa2it is said
U+2BB07𫬇17C: bok3(Cant.) phonetic
U+2BB10𫬐17C: coi3
U+2BB12𫬒18C: saat3(Cant.) phonetic
U+2BB16𫬖18C: zoeng3time, times
U+2BB18𫬘18C: baa3(Cant.) expletive
U+2BB1B𫬛18C: zoen6confused
U+2BB24𫬤19C: ne1(Cant.) emphatic demonstrative particle
U+2BB25𫬥19C: so4ignorant, stupid
U+2BB28𫬨19C: ang1a knot in wood
U+2BB33𫬳20C: hoi1exclamation; calling to a person
U+2BB40𫭀25C: gaam3(Cant.) phonetic
U+2BB5E𫭞7C: zyun1
U+2BB5F𫭟7M: ōu, C: au2
U+2BB62𫭢7M: lǔn, C: leon4
U+2BB68𫭨8C: baat6
U+2BB6A𫭪9C: haau1
U+2BB72𫭲10C: ngaam4
U+2BB7C𫭼10M: láo
U+2BB83𫮃11M: shàn, C: sin6
U+2BB85𫮅11C: cam2
U+2BBAC𫮬15M: jiànga prop, support
U+2BBE5𫯥9C: kut3
U+2BBF6𫯶14C: wan1
U+2BC02𫰂19C: do2
U+2BC0D𫰍7C: wai4
U+2BC1B𫰛8M: xíng, C: jing4
U+2BC20𫰠9C: dong1
U+2BC21𫰡9C: waa6
U+2BC22𫰢9C: wai3
U+2BC28𫰨9C: maai4
U+2BC30𫰰10C: cim1
U+2BC39𫰹11C: kwai1
U+2BC55𫱕13C: laam6
U+2BC97𫲗19C: zaan2
U+2BCB8𫲸7C: fung1
U+2BCC3𫳃9C: aa1
U+2BCD7𫳗11C: dam6to trample; a pit
U+2BD71𫵱5C: cat6(Cant.) penis
U+2BD75𫵵6C: joeng4
U+2BD76𫵶7C: wai4
U+2BD77𫵷7M: lì, C: lik6
U+2BD87𫶇12M: dié, C: dit6
U+2BD95𫶕14C: wing4
U+2BDC9𫷉12C: hin2
U+2BDEC𫷬10C: loi4
U+2BDEE𫷮10C: jam3
U+2BDF7𫷷12M: xīn, C: jam1
U+2BDF9𫷹12C: lau4
U+2BDFE𫷾14C: jing2
U+2BE29𫸩7M: kōu, C: kau1
U+2BE6E𫹮6C: jyu5
U+2BE74𫹴7C: wai5
U+2BE77𫹷7C: sung2
U+2BE7D𫹽8C: soeng1
U+2BE81𫺁10C: hip3
U+2BE82𫺂9C: hip3
U+2BE86𫺆9C: waa4
U+2BE8A𫺊9C: cai4
U+2BE8C𫺌10C: gung1
U+2BE93𫺓10C: mun6
U+2BE96𫺖12C: wit1creaking
U+2BE98𫺘10C: lou6
U+2BEAA𫺪12C: joeng5
U+2BEB7𫺷14C: naan5
U+2BF1B𫼛7M: diàoto take; to carry away
U+2BF1D𫼝8C: cau1
U+2BF25𫼥9C: goi1
U+2BF27𫼧9C: waa1
U+2BF2E𫼮9C: nong5
U+2BF35𫼵10C: lou1
U+2BF38𫼸10C: jaap3to raise
U+2BF3E𫼾9C: kap1
U+2BF41𫽁10C: lin5
U+2BF47𫽇11C: waak6
U+2BF4A𫽊11C: gaau2
U+2BF4B𫽋11C: lyut3
U+2BF63𫽣13C: zoeng1
U+2BF65𫽥12C: hin1
U+2BF6E𫽮13M: dǎng, C: dong2to obstruct; shut out; shelter from; keep off; stop; resist
U+2C029𬀩8M: wěi, C: wai5
U+2C02A𬀪8M: xiàn, C: jin5
U+2C031𬀱10C: hoi2
U+2C037𬀷11M: shāngto injure; to wound
U+2C075𬁵8C: au1
U+2C07A𬁺10C: ngaa6
U+2C080𬂀11C: jeon2
U+2C082𬂂12C: lo1
U+2C085𬂅12C: daan1
U+2C089𬂉14C: sing6
U+2C0A0𬂠8C: mou4
U+2C0A9𬂩10M: jiā, C: gaap3
U+2C0AE𬂮10C: saat3
U+2C0B0𬂰10C: nung4
U+2C0C0𬃀12C: kwai1
U+2C0CA𬃊12M: zhì, C: zat1
U+2C0D8𬃘13C: ji6
U+2C0EB𬃫13C: hin2
U+2C129𬄩16C: jan2
U+2C165𬅥11C: gwaa1
U+2C16B𬅫13C: pan3
U+2C19B𬆛13M: nǎoto poison
U+2C1A6𬆦11C: gik1
U+2C1AE𬆮15C: kau3
U+2C1BE𬆾8C: mou6
U+2C1C7𬇇17C: dip6
U+2C1D5𬇕6M: wàn, C: maan6
U+2C1D8𬇘7C: tyun4
U+2C1D9𬇙7M: bèi, C: bui3
U+2C1F9𬇹11M: guó, C: gwok3
U+2C201𬈁11C: taan1
U+2C215𬈕12C: fai3
U+2C227𬈧14C: gip3
U+2C242𬉂15C: fan3
U+2C247𬉇15C: saap3
U+2C24B𬉋15C: wai5
U+2C260𬉠18C: laan4
U+2C261𬉡18C: jeoi5sap
U+2C27C𬉼8M: ǒu, C: au1
U+2C282𬊂9C: caau2
U+2C288𬊈10M: xún, C: cam4
U+2C289𬊉10C: daat6
U+2C28D𬊍11C: cau4
U+2C28E𬊎11C: gung3
U+2C296𬊖11C: mui5
U+2C29C𬊜12C: lo3
U+2C2A4𬊤12M: chǎn, C: cin2
U+2C2A6𬊦12C: sim2
U+2C2B5𬊵14C: tong2
U+2C2B6𬊶14C: laam6
U+2C2BA𬊺14C: wui1
U+2C31D𬌝9C: co1
U+2C32E𬌮9C: hiu1
U+2C359𬍙9C: zaan2
U+2C35B𬍛9M: lì, C: lik1
U+2C361𬍡11M: dàng, C: dong6
U+2C364𬍤10M: xún, C: cam4
U+2C386𬎆14C: jing4
U+2C391𬎑16C: laan6
U+2C3A7𬎧8C: cung4
U+2C3DC𬏜8C: maa6
U+2C3DF𬏟9C: gai3
U+2C3E6𬏦10C: fai3
U+2C3EB𬏫11C: wan4
U+2C3EE𬏮12C: gwo1
U+2C41A𬐚10M: hǎia wine-jar
U+2C446𬑆9C: gwan3
U+2C44D𬑍10C: cau2
U+2C453𬑓11C: jip6
U+2C454𬑔11M: zhòngmultitude, crowd; masses, public
U+2C455𬑕11C: gwan3
U+2C457𬑗12C: gaan3
U+2C461𬑡15M: chǒu, C: cau2to see; to look at; to gaze
U+2C467𬑧16C: min4
U+2C486𬒆10C: jap6
U+2C488𬒈10M: què, C: kok3
U+2C48D𬒍12C: wan5
U+2C48E𬒎12C: hang1
U+2C494𬒔13M: gěng, C: ngang2for something hard or bulging to press against the body and cause it discomfort
U+2C495𬒕13C: suk1
U+2C497𬒗14M: lán
U+2C498𬒘14M: xìnarsenic
U+2C4E0𬓠7C: gei1
U+2C4EB𬓫12C: cau1
U+2C4F5𬓵15C: jung4over-ripe, over-cooked, worn out
U+2C4FC𬓼16M: tuí, C: teoi4ruined, decayed; to disintegrate
U+2C502𬔂19C: wai1(Cant.) exclamation in calling a person
U+2C542𬕂13M: lǒng, C: gung1
U+2C544𬕄13C: sai1
U+2C54A𬕊13C: gaan2
U+2C55B𬕛15C: fu1
U+2C566𬕦15C: au1
U+2C583𬖃22C: zyun2
U+2C591𬖑10C: haan6
U+2C5AE𬖮16C: haam5
U+2C603𬘃20C: saa1disorder; confused mass
U+2C613𬘓6M: xún, C: ceon4
U+2C615𬘕7C: kau4
U+2C616𬘖7C: gaan2
U+2C618𬘘7M: dǎn
U+2C61B𬘛8C: keoi1
U+2C61D𬘝8C: zan2
U+2C61F𬘟9C: sin3
U+2C620𬘠9C: goi2
U+2C621𬘡9M: yīn, C: jan1
U+2C622𬘢9C: kwong3
U+2C624𬘤9C: leoi5
U+2C625𬘥9C: cyun1
U+2C627𬘧9C: cai4
U+2C628𬘨10C: zik1
U+2C629𬘩9M: tīng, C: ting1
U+2C62A𬘪10C: lim5
U+2C62B𬘫10M: huán, C: jyun4
U+2C62C𬘬11M: qiàn, C: sin6
U+2C62D𬘭11M: chēn, C: sam1to stop; adjusted, in order
U+2C62E𬘮11C: mik6
U+2C62F𬘯11M: zhǔn, C: zeon2
U+2C630𬘰12C: jyun5
U+2C634𬘴12C: cau1
U+2C635𬘵12C: gang1
U+2C636𬘶12C: cau1
U+2C637𬘷13C: ci1
U+2C63A𬘺13C: tou1
U+2C63B𬘻13C: hat6
U+2C642𬙂14M: yǎn, C: jin2
U+2C646𬙆15C: faan4
U+2C647𬙇15C: jin4
U+2C648𬙈15C: leon4
U+2C649𬙉16C: daan6
U+2C64A𬙊17M: mò, C: mak6
U+2C64B𬙋20M: xiāng, C: soeng1
U+2C64E𬙎11C: lou4
U+2C65D𬙝11C: bat1
U+2C66D𬙭10C: wai5
U+2C684𬚄14C: suk1
U+2C6F8𬛸9M: niēto fill up; hole
U+2C6F9𬛹9C: tong4
U+2C6FC𬛼16C: jyu4
U+2C725𬜥7C: laam4
U+2C727𬜧8C: faat3
U+2C728𬜨9C: wai3
U+2C72C𬜬9M: màn, C: maan6
U+2C72F𬜯10M: liǎng, C: loeng5
U+2C738𬜸10C: waai4
U+2C73E𬜾11C: haan4
U+2C73F𬜿11C: gwok3
U+2C74B𬝋11C: zit6
U+2C76F𬝯13C: pan4
U+2C795𬞕15C: laan4
U+2C798𬞘15C: teoi1
U+2C79F𬞟16M: pín, C: pan4
U+2C7AB𬞫16C: ham3
U+2C7C1𬟁18M: yì, C: jik6
U+2C7EA𬟪12C: gwik1
U+2C7FD𬟽11M: dōng, C: dung1
U+2C805𬠅12C: dong1
U+2C820𬠠16C: caak3
U+2C847𬡇9C: niu5
U+2C852𬡒11C: gaap3
U+2C853𬡓12C: dip6
U+2C860𬡠13C: lo6
U+2C877𬡷21C: zaan3
U+2C88A𬢊9C: zi6
U+2C88B𬢋10C: tiu3
U+2C88C𬢌11C: zi3
U+2C88E𬢎12C: dou2
U+2C891𬢑12C: jing2
U+2C892𬢒14C: ming4
U+2C894𬢔16C: dang1
U+2C8AA𬢪14C: zau1
U+2C8AF𬢯15C: jing1
U+2C8B3𬢳15C: cam3
U+2C8BF𬢿16C: tap1to mutter
U+2C8C0𬣀17C: wai6
U+2C8D9𬣙5M: xū, C: heoi1
U+2C8DB𬣛6C: zi3
U+2C8DC𬣜6C: hou3
U+2C8DE𬣞6M: zhǔ, C: cyu5
U+2C8DF𬣟6C: tau2
U+2C8E0𬣠7C: gam3
U+2C8E1𬣡7M: jiàn, C: zin3
U+2C8E3𬣣7C: zyu3
U+2C8E4𬣤7C: gyun2
U+2C8E5𬣥7C: tou1
U+2C8E6𬣦7C: aau3
U+2C8E7𬣧7C: fai3
U+2C8E8𬣨8C: ngaa6
U+2C8E9𬣩8C: wui1
U+2C8EA𬣪8C: wai3
U+2C8EC𬣬8C: fui3
U+2C8ED𬣭8C: dong2
U+2C8EE𬣮8C: ming6
U+2C8F0𬣰8C: fui3
U+2C8F1𬣱8C: zau3
U+2C8F2𬣲8C: pou2
U+2C8F3𬣳8M: hěn, C: han2
U+2C8F6𬣶9C: zaa6
U+2C8F7𬣷9C: cuk1
U+2C8F8𬣸9C: hon5
U+2C8F9𬣹9C: cuk1
U+2C8FB𬣻8C: ting5
U+2C8FC𬣼9C: long5
U+2C8FD𬣽9C: lin4
U+2C8FE𬣾10C: zaak3
U+2C8FF𬣿9C: lou4
U+2C900𬤀10C: haak3
U+2C901𬤁10C: tou4
U+2C904𬤄10C: cam3
U+2C906𬤆10C: gwan3
U+2C907𬤇11M: yīn, C: jan1
U+2C909𬤉11C: wui6
U+2C90A𬤊11M: shì, C: si6
U+2C90D𬤍11C: wong4
U+2C90E𬤎11C: hyun1
U+2C910𬤐12C: go1
U+2C911𬤑12C: gaak3
U+2C918𬤘13C: cat1
U+2C919𬤙13C: fu1
U+2C91B𬤛13C: cim2
U+2C91D𬤝14M: huì, C: wai6
U+2C91F𬤟14C: liu4
U+2C921𬤡14C: ou3
U+2C922𬤢14C: zyun2
U+2C923𬤣14C: deoi6
U+2C924𬤤14C: zang1
U+2C925𬤥14M: zhuàn, C: zaan6to eulogize; to compose, write
U+2C926𬤦14C: wai4
U+2C928𬤨15C: cou3
U+2C929𬤩16C: ngaai6
U+2C92A𬤪15C: daap6
U+2C92B𬤫16C: haak3
U+2C92C𬤬16C: tyun2
U+2C92D𬤭17C: wai6
U+2C92E𬤮18C: zaan3
U+2C930𬤰19C: fun1
U+2C944𬥄17C: zip3
U+2C948𬥈13C: maau6
U+2C973𬥳8C: cong3
U+2C976𬥶9C: bei3
U+2C977𬥷10C: zaang1
U+2C978𬥸11C: cyun3
U+2C97D𬥽13C: hau6
U+2C9A0𬦠9C: naai2to step, trample
U+2C9A5𬦥11C: bui3
U+2C9A7𬦧11C: leon4
U+2C9BB𬦻15C: gwaan3
U+2C9BE𬦾16C: laam3
U+2C9C0𬧀17C: coeng1
U+2C9DF𬧟29C: nong1calf of the leg
U+2C9E2𬧢12C: lung5
U+2C9E4𬧤14C: lou6
U+2C9EF𬧯18C: ping4a pair of balances
U+2CA01𬨁8C: mou4
U+2CA02𬨂8M: qí, C: kei4
U+2CA04𬨄9C: ong3
U+2CA06𬨆10C: gung2
U+2CA07𬨇10C: hoi2
U+2CA08𬨈11C: waan5
U+2CA09𬨉11C: tin4
U+2CA0D𬨍13C: got3
U+2CA0E𬨎13M: yóu, C: jau4
U+2CA11𬨑14C: song2
U+2CA13𬨓15C: caau4
U+2CA7D𬩽9M: xún, C: cam4
U+2CA7E𬩾10C: loi4
U+2CA8D𬪍12C: mau6
U+2CAA7𬪧11C: jyu3
U+2CAA8𬪨12C: zaan2
U+2CAA9𬪩13M: nóng, C: nung4
U+2CABF𬪿17a square meter; one hundredth of a 公畝
U+2CB27𬬧8C: hon6
U+2CB29𬬩8M: yì, C: jik6
U+2CB2A𬬪8C: kau3
U+2CB2C𬬬9C: wai4
U+2CB2D𬬭9M: lún, C: leon4
U+2CB2E𬬮9M: chǎng, C: cong2
U+2CB2F𬬯9C: jam5
U+2CB30𬬰9C: coeng1
U+2CB31𬬱9M: jīn, C: gan1
U+2CB32𬬲9C: pik1
U+2CB35𬬵9C: cam4
U+2CB37𬬷10C: sek6
U+2CB38𬬸10M: shù, C: seot6
U+2CB39𬬹10M: shén, C: san4
U+2CB3A𬬺10C: co4
U+2CB3B𬬻10M: lú, C: lou4
U+2CB3C𬬼10C: jip6
U+2CB3D𬬽10C: zok6
U+2CB3E𬬾10C: ning4
U+2CB3F𬬿10M: zhāo, C: ziu1
U+2CB40𬭀10C: zi6
U+2CB41𬭁10M: mǔ, C: mou5
U+2CB43𬭃11C: pei1
U+2CB46𬭆11C: do2
U+2CB48𬭈11C: zaak6
U+2CB49𬭉11C: zai1
U+2CB4A𬭊12M: dù, C: dou6
U+2CB4D𬭍12C: hon6
U+2CB4E𬭎12M: hóng, C: wang4
U+2CB4F𬭏12C: joeng4
U+2CB53𬭓13C: tin2
U+2CB54𬭔13C: cuk1
U+2CB55𬭕13C: diu1
U+2CB56𬭖13C: paang4
U+2CB57𬭗13C: neoi6
U+2CB59𬭙13C: daan1
U+2CB5A𬭚13M: chún, C: deoi6
U+2CB5B𬭛13M: bō, C: bo1
U+2CB5C𬭜13C: leoi6
U+2CB5D𬭝13C: saam2
U+2CB61𬭡13C: ziu1
U+2CB62𬭢14C: gwai6
U+2CB63𬭣14C: sin3
U+2CB64𬭤14M: hóu, C: hau4
U+2CB65𬭥14C: cung1
U+2CB66𬭦15C: nau6
U+2CB68𬭨14C: ceoi4
U+2CB69𬭩15M: wēng, C: jung1
U+2CB6A𬭪15C: hat6
U+2CB6B𬭫15C: zin2
U+2CB6C𬭬16M: huì, C: wai6
U+2CB6D𬭭16C: cik1
U+2CB6F𬭯16M: piě, C: pit3
U+2CB70𬭰16C: ji4
U+2CB72𬭲16C: so2
U+2CB73𬭳17M: xǐ, C: hei2
U+2CB74𬭴17C: git3
U+2CB76𬭶17M: hēi, C: hak1
U+2CB78𬭸17M: lín, C: leon4
U+2CB7B𬭻18C: giu2
U+2CB7C𬭼17M: suì, C: seoi6
U+2CB7D𬭽18C: bik1
U+2CB7F𬭿20C: kai1
U+2CB80𬮀20C: hing1
U+2CB81𬮁21C: bok3
U+2CB98𬮘5C: wik6
U+2CB9F𬮟7C: leon6
U+2CBA0𬮠8C: haa1
U+2CBA2𬮢9C: hung3
U+2CBA4𬮤9C: gap3
U+2CBA5𬮥9C: cuk1
U+2CBA8𬮨10C: waak6
U+2CBAA𬮪10C: saa3
U+2CBAD𬮭11C: kwai1
U+2CBB1𬮱12M: yīn, C: jan1
U+2CBB2𬮲12C: jiu2
U+2CBB3𬮳12C: baan2
U+2CBBA𬮺6C: maa6
U+2CBBB𬮻7C: wu2
U+2CBBF𬮿9M: gài, C: kei4
U+2CBC0𬯀9M: jī, C: zai1
U+2CBCE𬯎12M: tuí, C: teoi4to fall in ruins; to collapse
U+2CC03𬰃16M:fine rain; drizzle
U+2CC25𬰥16C: loeng5
U+2CC33𬰳9C: dip3
U+2CC36𬰶16C: ceoi3
U+2CC53𬱓8C: kwai4
U+2CC56𬱖11M: dí, C: dik6
U+2CC57𬱗11C: daam1
U+2CC59𬱙11C: pun3
U+2CC5C𬱜12C: leoi5
U+2CC5F𬱟12M: wěi, C: ngai5
U+2CC60𬱠12C: kut3
U+2CC62𬱢12C: wan6
U+2CC66𬱦14C: hei1
U+2CC6A𬱪14C: ji4
U+2CC6B𬱫14C: ding3
U+2CC6E𬱮15C: au1
U+2CC70𬱰16C: pei1
U+2CC73𬱳23C: jyu6
U+2CC75𬱵8C: wai5
U+2CC77𬱷8C: hyut3
U+2CC7C𬱼10C: hoi2
U+2CC7D𬱽11C: syun4
U+2CC7F𬱿12C: gwok3
U+2CC80𬲀12C: fat1
U+2CC85𬲅16C: liu4
U+2CC9C𬲜20M: chēngto eat much; to distend by eating
U+2CCA6𬲦5C: zi6
U+2CCAD𬲭8C: ze2
U+2CCAE𬲮8C: tai4
U+2CCB2𬲲8C: ning4
U+2CCB6𬲶9C: ci4
U+2CCBC𬲼11C: jip3
U+2CCBE𬲾11C: wu4
U+2CCC1𬳁11C: ngaau4
U+2CCC2𬳂11C: zeoi3
U+2CCC6𬳆12C: gin1
U+2CCCA𬳊13C: tou4
U+2CCCB𬳋13C: sik1
U+2CCCD𬳍13C: tong4
U+2CCDF𬳟18C: fan4
U+2CCF2𬳲31M: chǎna bare-backed horse
U+2CCF3𬳳7C: faan4
U+2CCF4𬳴8C: pei4
U+2CCF5𬳵8M: pī, C: pei1
U+2CCF6𬳶8M: jiōng, C: gwing1
U+2CCF8𬳸8C: ak1
U+2CCFA𬳺9C: sai2
U+2CCFD𬳽9M: shēn, C: san1
U+2CCFE𬳾9C: ci4
U+2CCFF𬳿10M: tú, C: tou4
U+2CD00𬴀10C: long4
U+2CD01𬴁11C: ngon6
U+2CD02𬴂11M: fēi, C: fei1
U+2CD03𬴃12M: huō, C: waak6
U+2CD05𬴅13C: paang4
U+2CD06𬴆13C: kei4
U+2CD0A𬴊15M: lín, C: leon4
U+2CD0B𬴋16C: tit3
U+2CD0D𬴍18C: biu1
U+2CD0F𬴏20C: gin2
U+2CD10𬴐20C: fun1
U+2CD29𬴩16C: nong4
U+2CD80𬶀10C: git3
U+2CD81𬶁10C: jan4
U+2CD82𬶂11C: tou2
U+2CD84𬶄11C: diu3
U+2CD87𬶇12C: gaai3
U+2CD8A𬶊13C: gang2
U+2CD8B𬶋13M: jū, C: keoi1
U+2CD8C𬶌13C: doi6
U+2CD8D𬶍13M: tuó, C: to4
U+2CD8E𬶎13C: zit3
U+2CD8F𬶏14M: wéi, C: wai4
U+2CD90𬶐14M: zhào, C: siu6
U+2CD93𬶓14C: ting4
U+2CD94𬶔15C: hou3
U+2CD95𬶕15C: tai4
U+2CD96𬶖16C: jip3
U+2CD97𬶗15C: lou4
U+2CD9B𬶛16C: to4
U+2CD9E𬶞17C: wu4
U+2CD9F𬶟17M: là, C: laat6
U+2CDA0𬶠17M: liàn, C: lin6
U+2CDA2𬶢17C: sing1
U+2CDA3𬶣18C: zaa2
U+2CDA4𬶤17C: tai4
U+2CDA7𬶧17C: jau4
U+2CDA8𬶨17M: jì, C: kei3
U+2CDAB𬶫19C: wong4
U+2CDAC𬶬19C: keoi1
U+2CDAE𬶮20M: xǐ, C: hei1
U+2CDB2𬶲20C: zoeng6
U+2CDB5𬶵21C: gwaan1
U+2CDBA𬶺25C: gun3
U+2CDD5𬷕12M: bǔ, C: bou2
U+2CDEF𬷯22C: zeon2species of falcon
U+2CDFC𬷼7C: jik6
U+2CDFE𬷾8C: hung4
U+2CE00𬸀9C: man4
U+2CE05𬸅10C: co1
U+2CE06𬸆10C: sang1
U+2CE08𬸈11C: ci1
U+2CE0A𬸊11C: jam4
U+2CE12𬸒13C: kei4
U+2CE15𬸕13C: ang1
U+2CE18𬸘14M: yǎn, C: jin2
U+2CE1A𬸚14M: yuè, C: ngok6
U+2CE1B𬸛14C: wong4
U+2CE1C𬸜14C: pin1
U+2CE1D𬸝14C: am1
U+2CE1E𬸞14C: leoi4
U+2CE22𬸢15C: gou1
U+2CE23𬸣15M: xiān, C: hin1to soar
U+2CE26𬸦16M: zhuó, C: zok6
U+2CE27𬸧16C: jin3
U+2CE29𬸩17C: ou2
U+2CE2A𬸪17M: fán, C: faan4
U+2CE2E𬸮17C: kwai4
U+2CE2F𬸯18C: pik1
U+2CE30𬸰21C: hok6
U+2CE31𬸱23C: keoi4
U+2CE33𬸳18C: gaan2soap
U+2CE3E𬸾17C: cai4
U+2CE45𬹅10C: coi4
U+2CE49𬹉14C: wan4
U+2CE56𬹖18C: nung1
U+2CE63𬹣14C: zyu1
U+2CE7A𬹺12C: ngaa4
U+2CE7C𬹼12M: xiè, C: haai6
U+2CE83𬺃14C: ngoi4
U+2CE88𬺈16M: yǐ, C: ji2
U+2CE8C𬺌16C: ji1
U+2CE8D𬺍17C: gaam1
U+2CE8E𬺎18C: ci1
U+2CE93𬺓21M: chǔ, C: co2
U+2CE94𬺔21C: gam6
U+2CE95𬺕22C: caat3
U+2CE9C𬺜9C: lung4