Unihan readings, 2B740 to 2B81F

Unicode version 14. Skips those characters that don't have any reading data. Page created on 2021-12-23.

Abbreviations: M, Mandarin reading; C, Cantonese reading; T, Tang dynasty reading; J-On, Japanese On'yomi reading; J-Kun, Japanese Kun'yomi reading; K, Korean reading; V, Vietnamese reading. In the NumVal column, numbers are followed by P, for kPrimaryNumeric (characters which are mainly used for that numeric value); A, for kAccountingNumeric (characters used for accounting purposes, that can't be easily modified into other numeric characters); or O, for kOtherNumeric (for characters that have uncommon numeric uses).

This page contains the block CJK Unified Ideographs Extension D, U+2B740 to U+2B81F. For other blocks, see these pages: Extension A (3400–4DBF), Unified Ideographs (4E00–9FFF), Compatibility Ideographs (F900–FAFF), Extension B (20000–2A6DF), Extension C (2A700–2B73F), Extension D (2B740–2B81F), Extension E (2B820–2CEAF), Extension F (2CEB0–2EBEF), Compatibility Ideographs Supplement (2F800–2FA1F), Extension G (30000–3134F).

U+2B766𫝦7C: bui3
U+2B767𫝧9C: syu6
U+2B768𫝨9C: fai1
U+2B769𫝩10C: cau4
U+2B76B𫝫10C: loi4
U+2B76C𫝬12C: wui6
U+2B76D𫝭14C: jing1
U+2B76E𫝮15C: laan5
U+2B775𫝵10C: dou2
U+2B797𫞗10C: man5
U+2B79A𫞚13C: zi1
U+2B79B𫞛13C: zyu1
U+2B79D𫞝16C: kyut3
U+2B7A0𫞠11C: ling4
U+2B7A1𫞡14C: wing4
U+2B7A3𫞣8C: caan2
U+2B7A5𫞥8C: bui3
U+2B7A6𫞦10C: zai6
U+2B7A7𫞧12C: lou4
U+2B7A8𫞨14C: laam4
U+2B7A9𫞩15M: mén, C: mun4
U+2B7C3𫟃9C: jam6
U+2B7C4𫟄10C: wang4
U+2B7C5𫟅11M: liáng, C: loeng4
U+2B7C6𫟆12C: cung5
U+2B7C7𫟇17C: liu6
U+2B7D1𫟑11C: ling4
U+2B7D5𫟕15C: kei4
U+2B7DE𫟞6C: zi2
U+2B7DF𫟟7C: pun3
U+2B7E0𫟠10C: cin2
U+2B7E1𫟡10C: cung4
U+2B7E4𫟤9C: to4
U+2B7E6𫟦17M: suì, C: seoi6
U+2B7F2𫟲7C: kau4
U+2B7F3𫟳8C: zi6
U+2B7F4𫟴9C: fan1
U+2B7F5𫟵9C: wan5
U+2B7F6𫟶10C: saan3
U+2B7F7𫟷10M: lì, C: laap6
U+2B7F8𫟸11C: sik1
U+2B7F9𫟹11M: hóng, C: hung4
U+2B7FA𫟺11C: hoi1
U+2B7FB𫟻11C: zau1
U+2B7FC𫟼12M: dá, C: daat6
U+2B7FF𫟿14C: so2
U+2B800𫠀15C: cou3
U+2B801𫠁19C: hap6
U+2B802𫠂8C: ling4
U+2B805𫠅13C: gaak3
U+2B806𫠆10M: kuǐ, C: kwai2
U+2B807𫠇8C: cam4
U+2B808𫠈9C: bik1
U+2B80A𫠊8M: xuán
U+2B80B𫠋14C: luk6
U+2B810𫠐13C: haam4
U+2B812𫠒19C: zoeng1
U+2B81C𫠜16M: ní, C: ngai4