Unihan readings, 2A700 to 2B73F

Unicode version 14. Skips those characters that don't have any reading data. Page created on 2021-12-23.

Abbreviations: M, Mandarin reading; C, Cantonese reading; T, Tang dynasty reading; J-On, Japanese On'yomi reading; J-Kun, Japanese Kun'yomi reading; K, Korean reading; V, Vietnamese reading. In the NumVal column, numbers are followed by P, for kPrimaryNumeric (characters which are mainly used for that numeric value); A, for kAccountingNumeric (characters used for accounting purposes, that can't be easily modified into other numeric characters); or O, for kOtherNumeric (for characters that have uncommon numeric uses).

This page contains the block CJK Unified Ideographs Extension C, U+2A700 to U+2B73F. For other blocks, see these pages: Extension A (3400–4DBF), Unified Ideographs (4E00–9FFF), Compatibility Ideographs (F900–FAFF), Extension B (20000–2A6DF), Extension C (2A700–2B73F), Extension D (2B740–2B81F), Extension E (2B820–2CEAF), Extension F (2CEB0–2EBEF), Compatibility Ideographs Supplement (2F800–2FA1F), Extension G (30000–3134F).

U+2A79D𪞝7M: duó, C: dok6an icicle
U+2A7DD𪟝10M: jì jī, C: zik1
U+2A80F𪠏11C: jim2
U+2A833𪠳7C: ce1
U+2A835𪠵7C: leon4
U+2A838𪠸8C: huk1
U+2A83D𪠽9C: dong1
U+2A840𪡀9C: kiu4
U+2A843𪡃9C: maai5
U+2A848𪡈10M: báiused in transliteration
U+2A84B𪡋10C: jim2
U+2A84F𪡏16M: zhān, C: zin1gruel
U+2A88C𪢌15C: laan4
U+2A890𪢐16C: laai6
U+2A895𪢕17C: zyut3
U+2A8A0𪢠19C: laan4
U+2A8AE𪢮13M: luán, C: lyun4entire, complete; round
U+2A8C6𪣆8C: dung1
U+2A8D2𪣒9C: waan4
U+2A8FB𪣻12M: lóu, C: lau5
U+2A917𪤗14M: liào
U+2A91A𪤚15C: leon4
U+2A96B𪥫7C: soeng1
U+2A970𪥰8C: ning4
U+2A97F𪥿11C: duk6
U+2A993𪦓13V: mìn
U+2A9C0𪧀14C: jing1
U+2A9D8𪧘12C: geoi6
U+2AA07𪨇12C: teoi4
U+2AA0A𪨊7M: sóng, C: sung4semen
U+2AA17𪨗12M: juē, C: goek3straw sandals
U+2AA27𪨧7C: leon4
U+2AA36𪨶10M: shē, C: se4
U+2AA37𪨷10C: ngaam4
U+2AA4E𪩎14C: jing2
U+2AA58𪩘16M: yǎn, C: jin2
U+2AA78𪩸12C: fan4
U+2AA9D𪪝13M: yōngthe Hall of Learning; a marsh, feces; harmony
U+2AA9E𪪞14C: coeng4
U+2AACC𪫌8C: lung6
U+2AAF7𪫷10C: cau4
U+2AAFA𪫺10C: cim1
U+2AB62𪭢7C: cung1
U+2AB67𪭧8C: mei4
U+2AB75𪭵10C: loeng5
U+2AB7E𪭾10C: haan6
U+2AB8B𪮋11C: sok1
U+2AB96𪮖12C: zyut6
U+2ABB3𪮳15C: maan1
U+2ABB6𪮶16C: laai6
U+2ABCB𪯋10C: sim2
U+2AC36𪰶13C: fai3
U+2AC65𪱥13C: fan5
U+2AC77𪱷8C: bui3
U+2AC8E𪲎10C: zai1
U+2AC94𪲔11C: lai6
U+2AC9B𪲛11C: gai3
U+2ACAE𪲮12C: fai3
U+2ACCD𪳍14C: sip3
U+2AD19𪴙20C: cyun4
U+2AD2F𪴯13C: ngap6
U+2AD51𪵑17C: hiu1
U+2AD63𪵣8C: hei3
U+2AD71𪵱8C: lai6
U+2AD84𪶄10C: si4
U+2ADFD𪷽19C: zaan3
U+2ADFF𪷿19C: wing6
U+2AE15𪸕8C: hei3
U+2AE29𪸩10C: wai1
U+2AE73𪹳16C: zuk1
U+2AEAA𪺪9C: lung4
U+2AEAD𪺭10C: kiu4
U+2AEB7𪺷7C: cong1
U+2AEB9𪺹12M:a tribe in southwest Yunnan
U+2AEBB𪺻9C: nung4
U+2AEBD𪺽10C: ngan6
U+2AED0𪻐8M: cōng, C: cung1tinkling of jade pendants
U+2AEE8𪻨12C: duk6
U+2AEF2𪻲12C: kwan1
U+2AEFA𪻺13C: gwai1
U+2AF0B𪼋14C: bat1
U+2AF6A𪽪9C: zoeng3
U+2AF6E𪽮10C: lou4
U+2AF77𪽷15C: ji3
U+2AFA2𪾢9M: xiàn, C: jin5to look at fearfully; overly cautious
U+2AFA6𪾦10C: lou4
U+2AFB8𪾸15C: pan4
U+2AFEB𪿫14C: paau3
U+2B042𫁂15C: baa6
U+2B05F𫁟9C: zyun2
U+2B061𫁡10M: lì, C: lap6kingfisher
U+2B072𫁲10C: mou4
U+2B073𫁳10C: wai5
U+2B077𫁷10C: soeng1
U+2B083𫂃13C: man5
U+2B086𫂆14C: gwok3
U+2B088𫂈14M: fèi, C: faai3coarse bamboo mats
U+2B099𫂙17M: sù, C: cuk1luxuriant and dense vegetation; a fine sieve
U+2B0DC𫃜9M: kòua button; a plaited knob; to fasten; to hook back
U+2B119𫄙4C: gau2
U+2B11A𫄚7C: wu6
U+2B11B𫄛7C: gam1
U+2B11C𫄜7C: mou6
U+2B11F𫄟8C: si1
U+2B120𫄠9C: gang1
U+2B121𫄡9C: dung6
U+2B122𫄢9C: fuk6
U+2B123𫄣9C: nung5
U+2B124𫄤10C: daat6
U+2B125𫄥10C: saai2
U+2B127𫄧10M: yán, C: jin4
U+2B128𫄨10M: chī, C: ci1fine linen, fine help cloth
U+2B129𫄩10C: faan4
U+2B12B𫄫11C: lit6
U+2B12C𫄬12C: sit3
U+2B12D𫄭12C: fuk6
U+2B12E𫄮12C: ting1
U+2B130𫄰13C: bong1
U+2B131𫄱14C: sik1
U+2B132𫄲14C: mou6
U+2B133𫄳14C: si2
U+2B134𫄴14C: leot6
U+2B136𫄶15C: koeng5
U+2B137𫄷16M: yì, C: jik1
U+2B138𫄸17M: xūn, C: fan1light red, pink
U+2B139𫄹21C: zeoi1
U+2B157𫅗15C: fan4
U+2B18F𫆏17C: zim6
U+2B1ED𫇭8M: wěi, C: wai2
U+2B1F4𫇴9C: co1
U+2B1FD𫇽10C: nung4
U+2B1FF𫇿11V: thuốc
U+2B209𫈉11C: gaan1
U+2B20E𫈎11C: king4
U+2B21F𫈟12C: can4
U+2B230𫈰12M: qiàjune grass
U+2B235𫈵13C: zyut6
U+2B241𫉁14C: oi3
U+2B244𫉄14C: syu4
U+2B2AE𫊮11C: lou4
U+2B2B1𫊱11C: gaan2
U+2B2B8𫊸12C: giu2
U+2B2BB𫊻12C: cing4
U+2B2C7𫋇14C: giu1
U+2B2D0𫋐16M: gǒngto wriggle; to work through, as smoke through a crevice
U+2B2F2𫋲9C: au1
U+2B2F7𫋷10C: zaak6
U+2B2F9𫋹11C: jiu4
U+2B2FB𫋻11C: kui2
U+2B300𫌀13M: jī, C: zik1a pleat, fold, tuck, crease
U+2B307𫌇15C: zip3
U+2B328𫌨9M: luó, C: lo4to explain in detail
U+2B32A𫌪10C: mik6
U+2B32D𫌭17C: mei4
U+2B359𫍙5M: yì, C: ji4arrogant, overbearing, mean; to deceive, cheat
U+2B35A𫍚6C: jiu1
U+2B35B𫍛6C: fan1
U+2B35C𫍜7C: heoi2
U+2B360𫍠7C: jyun3
U+2B361𫍡7C: to4
U+2B362𫍢8M: náo, C: naau4wrangling; to quarrel
U+2B363𫍣8M: tóng, C: tung4
U+2B364𫍤8C: giu2
U+2B365𫍥8C: tiu5
U+2B366𫍦8C: nung4
U+2B367𫍧9C: ci1
U+2B368𫍨9C: zan3
U+2B369𫍩9C: faa3
U+2B36A𫍪9C: gei6
U+2B36C𫍬10C: mong5
U+2B36E𫍮10C: wat1
U+2B36F𫍯11M: xián, C: haam4
U+2B370𫍰11M: xǐ, C: saai2apprehensive
U+2B371𫍱11C: zyun1
U+2B372𫍲11M: xiǎo, C: siu2scold, censure; lead people toward virtuous ways; small, little
U+2B373𫍳11C: zung3
U+2B374𫍴11C: lau4
U+2B375𫍵12C: ngou6
U+2B377𫍷12C: kwai5
U+2B378𫍸12C: sin3
U+2B379𫍹13C: ze1
U+2B37B𫍻14C: hei1
U+2B37D𫍽15M: xuān, C: hyun1
U+2B37E𫍾16C: ning4
U+2B37F𫍿17C: zin2
U+2B386𫎆11C: zung1
U+2B38C𫎌16C: geoi6
U+2B3A6𫎦9C: lung6
U+2B3A7𫎧9C: gau3
U+2B3A9𫎩12C: cam1
U+2B3AA𫎪13C: can3
U+2B3AB𫎫16C: taam5
U+2B3AC𫎬18C: gam3
U+2B3AD𫎭12C: cing1
U+2B3B1𫎱11C: lik6
U+2B3B3𫎳13C: bat1
U+2B3C3𫏃11C: coeng4
U+2B3C6𫏆12C: but6
U+2B3CB𫏋13M: juēto raise the feet; to cross the legs; brave; sandals
U+2B3CC𫏌14C: leoi1
U+2B3D0𫏐15C: zaam6
U+2B3D5𫏕16C: jaang3
U+2B404𫐄7M: yuè, C: jyut6cross-bar at the end of the poles of a cart
U+2B405𫐅7C: sim1
U+2B406𫐆7M: kuài, C: kyut3to gallop; a mule
U+2B407𫐇8C: naap6
U+2B408𫐈9C: bat6
U+2B409𫐉9M: líng, C: ling4wooden cross-piece on front inside of carriage box
U+2B40A𫐊9C: faan6
U+2B40C𫐌10C: ping4
U+2B40E𫐎12C: ji2
U+2B40F𫐏12C: zau1
U+2B410𫐐12M: ní, C: ngai4the cross-bar at the end of a carriage pole; linchpin of a large carriage
U+2B411𫐑12C: gun2
U+2B412𫐒13C: gwang1
U+2B413𫐓13M: róu, C: jau4outer rim of a wheel, felly
U+2B415𫐕15C: wai6
U+2B416𫐖15C: gaau1
U+2B417𫐗16C: buk6
U+2B418𫐘17C: ham2
U+2B419𫐙19C: leoi4
U+2B437𫐷12C: lau4
U+2B458𫑘6C: zyun1
U+2B461𫑡10M: méng, C: maang4
U+2B477𫑷14C: jim6
U+2B4B6𫒶17M: hánarmor
U+2B4E5𫓥7C: baat3
U+2B4E6𫓦8C: zi2
U+2B4E7𫓧9M: fū, C: fu1an ax, hatchet
U+2B4E8𫓨9C: gwo1
U+2B4E9𫓩9M: cōng, C: cung1a short spear
U+2B4EA𫓪9C: jyun4
U+2B4EC𫓬10C: zaap3
U+2B4ED𫓭10C: joeng1
U+2B4EF𫓯11M: jī, C: gwai1
U+2B4F0𫓰11C: seot1
U+2B4F1𫓱11C: kiu4
U+2B4F2𫓲11C: gwan1
U+2B4F4𫓴11C: mau4
U+2B4F5𫓵12C: san6
U+2B4F6𫓶12M: xuān, C: hyun1
U+2B4F8𫓸13C: faan6
U+2B4F9𫓹13M: jī, C: gei1
U+2B4FA𫓺13C: lou5
U+2B4FB𫓻13C: nip6
U+2B4FD𫓽13C: zung3
U+2B4FE𫓾13C: juk6
U+2B500𫔀14C: lin6
U+2B501𫔁14C: fan4
U+2B502𫔂14C: dik6
U+2B504𫔄14C: jau4
U+2B505𫔅15C: sok3
U+2B507𫔇15C: bai1
U+2B508𫔈15C: sok3
U+2B509𫔉16C: jing1
U+2B50A𫔊16C: sau3
U+2B50B𫔋17C: fun2
U+2B50C𫔌17C: sin3
U+2B50D𫔍17M: fán, C: faan4
U+2B50E𫔎17M: jué, C: kyut3hasp of a lock
U+2B514𫔔23C: kwai4
U+2B52D𫔭7C: hoi1
U+2B52F𫔯7C: dau3
U+2B530𫔰8C: bin6
U+2B534𫔴11C: leon6
U+2B535𫔵13C: zi3
U+2B536𫔶13M: niè, C: jit6
U+2B565𫕥15C: wan5
U+2B583𫖃18C: fui3
U+2B585𫖅14C: lung4
U+2B587𫖇15C: hoe1
U+2B592𫖒10C: bat1
U+2B594𫖔14C: bai6
U+2B595𫖕14C: gau1
U+2B5AB𫖫10C: zam2
U+2B5AE𫖮12M: yǐ, C: ngai5
U+2B5AF𫖯12M: fǔ, C: tiu3
U+2B5B1𫖱12C: gan2
U+2B5B2𫖲13C: wan6
U+2B5B3𫖳13M: yūn, C: wan1
U+2B5B5𫖵14C: ngok6
U+2B5B6𫖶14C: haan1
U+2B5B8𫖸16C: jyun6
U+2B5B9𫖹17C: cuk1
U+2B5BA𫖺21C: fan4
U+2B5C9𫗉12C: bung6
U+2B5CA𫗊13C: am3
U+2B5CB𫗋17C: sat1
U+2B5DE𫗞6C: zin1
U+2B5E0𫗠7M: zhāng, C: zoeng1an icicle
U+2B5E2𫗢8C: zok6
U+2B5E3𫗣8C: bit6
U+2B5E5𫗥9C: wan6
U+2B5E6𫗦10M: bù, C: bou1eat; dinner time; sunset
U+2B5E7𫗧10M: sù, C: cuk1a pot of cooked rice
U+2B5E9𫗩11C: lo4
U+2B5EB𫗫12C: wu4
U+2B5EC𫗬12C: nyun5
U+2B5ED𫗭12C: wai3
U+2B5EE𫗮12M: huáng, C: wong4to eat; dinner-time, sunset
U+2B5EF𫗯12C: hau4
U+2B5F0𫗰13C: deoi1
U+2B5F4𫗴16M: zhān, C: zin1gruel
U+2B5F5𫗵20C: hoeng2
U+2B61B𫘛6C: hon6
U+2B61C𫘜7M: wén, C: man4
U+2B61D𫘝7M: jué, C: kyut3gallop
U+2B61E𫘞8C: to4
U+2B61F𫘟8C: po2
U+2B620𫘠9C: zi3
U+2B621𫘡9C: gwing1
U+2B623𫘣10M: hàn, C: hon6a fierce horse; to rage, run wild
U+2B624𫘤10M: ái, C: ngoi4stupid; foolish
U+2B625𫘥11C: kwan1
U+2B626𫘦11M: táo, C: tou4
U+2B627𫘧11M: lù, C: luk6
U+2B628𫘨12M: tí, C: tai4a horse, mule
U+2B629𫘩12C: wong4
U+2B62A𫘪13M: yuán, C: jyun4
U+2B62B𫘫13C: aan3
U+2B62C𫘬13M: xí, C: hai4
U+2B62D𫘭14C: soeng1
U+2B62E𫘮14C: zaak6
U+2B62F𫘯15C: cang4
U+2B630𫘰16C: zin1
U+2B631𫘱21C: kwai4
U+2B63D𫘽16C: kut3
U+2B688𫚈11M: xù, C: zeoi6silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix); bream
U+2B689𫚉11M: hóng, C: hung4a ray, skate
U+2B68A𫚊11C: joeng4
U+2B68B𫚋12C: zyun1
U+2B68C𫚌12C: saa1
U+2B68D𫚍12C: fan4
U+2B68F𫚏13C: kiu4
U+2B691𫚑13C: bit1
U+2B692𫚒10M: fú, C: ping4curtained carriage used by women
U+2B693𫚓14C: lit6
U+2B694𫚔14M: huí, C: wui4a small sturgeon found in the Yangzi; catfish
U+2B695𫚕14M: shī, C: si1a yellowtail (fish)
U+2B696𫚖14M: cǐ, C: cai5
U+2B697𫚗14C: gap3
U+2B699𫚙15M: pū, C: pou1the skate or ray
U+2B69A𫚚15C: zip3
U+2B69B𫚛15C: dyut6
U+2B69C𫚜16C: kwai1
U+2B69E𫚞16C: lei4
U+2B6A0𫚠16C: gyun2
U+2B6A1𫚡16C: zau2
U+2B6A2𫚢17C: jin2
U+2B6A3𫚣17C: bin1
U+2B6A4𫚤17C: zi1
U+2B6A5𫚥17C: haa1
U+2B6A6𫚦18C: jung4
U+2B6A7𫚧19C: cau4
U+2B6AA𫚪20C: wat6
U+2B6AB𫚫21C: sou1
U+2B6AD𫚭23M: liè, C: lip6(Cant.) 赤鱲角, Hong Kong place name
U+2B6DA𫛚9C: gin1
U+2B6DB𫛛9M: zhī, C: zi1jay (Garrulus lidthi)
U+2B6DC𫛜9C: fau4
U+2B6DD𫛝9C: fun1
U+2B6DE𫛞9M: jué, C: kyut3a shrike, butcherbird
U+2B6DF𫛟10C: lung4
U+2B6E1𫛡10C: fuk6
U+2B6E2𫛢10M: níng, C: ning4(archaic) a wren
U+2B6E3𫛣10C: wat6
U+2B6E4𫛤10C: gaa1
U+2B6E5𫛥11C: gaap3
U+2B6E6𫛦11C: wu1
U+2B6E8𫛨11C: pei4
U+2B6E9𫛩11C: aan3
U+2B6EA𫛪11C: jyu4
U+2B6EB𫛫12C: jyun4
U+2B6EC𫛬12C: tou4
U+2B6ED𫛭12M: kuáng
U+2B6EE𫛮12C: bit3
U+2B6EF𫛯12C: fong2
U+2B6F0𫛰13C: kei4
U+2B6F1𫛱13C: zok6
U+2B6F2𫛲13C: diu1
U+2B6F3𫛳13C: fuk6
U+2B6F5𫛵13C: gwat6
U+2B6F6𫛶14M: chì, C: cik1a duck-like bird
U+2B6F7𫛷14C: wu4
U+2B6F8𫛸14M: tí, C: tai4a kind of hawk; cuckoo
U+2B6FC𫛼14C: kwai4
U+2B6FD𫛽15C: leot6
U+2B700𫜀16C: san4
U+2B701𫜁16C: bai3
U+2B703𫜃17C: jam4
U+2B704𫜄17C: zeon1
U+2B711𫜑11C: fung1
U+2B714𫜔15C: pei4
U+2B729𫜩14C: ngit6
U+2B72A𫜪14C: ngaau5
U+2B72C𫜬16C: zaak3
U+2B72D𫜭16C: co2
U+2B730𫜰21C: ngaa3
U+2B732𫜲15C: lung5
U+2B736𫜶16C: dan1, V: trôncheeks
U+2B737𫜷10M: shòu
U+2B738𫜸5M: huà