ship w/o lander
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sefer yetzirah
ספר יצירה
objective was to convey
in writing how the things
of our universe came into

enc.brit. 1st ed
starts at pdf page 518
arithmetick from 447


\! \, \:
\; \ \quad

31 sek
läpi tunnelin
huhtikuun –20 alussa
24 sek sateisena päivänä

cacame awemedinade monipalothi

terse text-based data

ستينتهاد وريست ينجيش

munchausen numbers: 3³+4⁴+3³+5⁵ = 3435 (in base 10); base 3 example: 2²+2² = 22₃ = 2⋅3+2 = 8

three rings for the elven kings / under the sky / seven for the dwarf lords / in their halls of stone / nine for moral men / doomed to die / one for the dark lord on his dark throne / in the land of mordor where the shadows lie / one ring to rule them all / one ring to find them / one ring to bring them all / and in the darkness bind them / in the land of mordor where the shadows lie

│ │ │ ┌┐ ┌┐
│ │ │ │ │ ├┤
└┘ └┘ │ │ │ │

i played a chess game against an emulated home computer program from 1981 running on my browser from the internet archive and i lost. sargon chess. it was slow in complicated situations.

big car – the saab story

why rappers love grey poupon
wikt juice
kabuki star wars
parking cars in dealerships?
austin mcconnell voicemails from strangers

ten meter tower nyt op doc

most iconic classical music masterpieces everyone knows in one single video

japanese jazz when driving on a warm night

warning sign song (lamprey hole)