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#include <stdio.h> unsigned long long phi(unsigned long long m, unsigned long long n, unsigned long long p) { if (p == 0) return m + n; if (n == 0 && p == 1) return 0; if (n == 0 && p == 2) return 1; if (n == 0) return m; return phi(m, phi(m, n-1, p), p-1); } int main() { unsigned long long m, n, p; int run = 1; int ret = 0; while (run) { fputs("m, n, p? > ", stdout); ret = scanf(" %llu %llu %llu", &m, &n, &p); if ((m == 0 && n == 0 && p == 0) || ret != 3) { run = 0; } else { printf("\u03C6(m, n, p) = %llu\n\n", phi(m, n, p)); } } return 0; }

: 3dup ( n1 n2 n3 - n1 n2 n3 n1 n2 n3 ) { a b c } a b c a b c ; : ackermann_phi ( n n n - n ) ( m n p ) dup 0 = if drop + else swap dup 0 = if drop dup 1 = if drop drop 0 else 2 = if drop 1 endif endif else swap 3dup swap 1 - swap recurse rot drop swap 1 - recurse endif endif ;

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