There’s six guys who live in this flat and all they do all day is play WoW and watch movies. Waking up at 2pm every day and there’s always just someone asleep on the bed near all the multimonitor computer setups. There’s always music playing and it feels like a recovery day every day, padding around blearily in pyjamas or underwear. Old hoodies from defunct school teams. They’ve got this system where they’re selling their excess computing power to companies and hosting all this warez, and they’re stealing the internet from the business next door anyway and getting welfare on top of all that. They’re self sufficient and never go outdoors except to buy more fast food, and even then only in the dark. But then one of them wakes up dead some heavy afternoon. He’s just dead and they don’t know why but maybe the floor covered in fast food wrappings is a clue. They don’t want to tell the cops because of the purgatory den they live in and the illegality that supports it, and as far as they know he never had any actual parents. So it’s trouble. It’s taking a long trip out to the forest and thinking about how stars are so far away for the first time in a long time. It’s sweating in the cold air and digging a hole all night with your brand new shovels to leave him alone in. And it’s a long few days cracking all his passwords to keep his identity and associated payments persisting. Until the rhythm of waking up every day at 2pm to play WoW for nine hours and half watch a movie on your other monitor takes over again.

written and posted by grimelords on 2014-04-26

have another cool post, originally posted by grimelords on 2014-10-16:

I went to an open mic tonight and when I walked in I saw these two guys at a little table up the back near the toilets who seemed like they were meeting for the first time. It was a middle aged clean cut asian guy in a business shirt, and a really tall beefy white guy with long hair and a beard who looked like he was in his early twenties, and they were talking about their favourite footy teams like “oh I follow Richmond” “oh me too!” and getting to know each other and I thought “grindr seems cool” and kept walking.

About an hour and a half later the open mic’s finished and I came back downstairs and these two guys were still sitting there. Except now they had a laptop on the table and were watching what was unmistakably a ufo documentary, complete with zoomed in shots on grainy black and white photos of ufos over old castles, and one of the guys had a book next to him called The Secret Revolution Of Truth. So either these guys have met online and decided to meet at the back of this bar to share some top secret information that the illuminati doesn’t want them to know, or one of them is having the world’s absolute best grindr date.