In World of Warcraft one can fish up a Message in a Bottle. It typically contains a moderately useful stat-boosting scroll or a trade skill recipe, but sometimes one can find a page from a diary written by some poor shipwrecked soul. Only three pages are known: page 4, page 87, and page 512. Fun little flavor.

Damp Diary Page (Day 4)

Diary - Day 4

I have been stranded on the Island now for 4 days, left alone with my thoughts. Bananas are pretty tasty, but what a long climb to reach them. When I am not getting food or protecting myself from the periodic rain, all my thoughts are of rescue.

I would not be so hopeful if it were not for the boxes of paper and bottles that washed ashore with me. I laugh now to think of all the time I spent on that ship cursing that I was stuck with a boatload of Alchemists and Scribes.

Damp Diary Page (Day 87)

These months have given me time to ponder, to shuffle loose my old beliefs and bigotries. Alliance? Horde? Good? Evil? The meanings of these words, once so clear, now blur as my eyes gaze across the boundless sea.

I now know what matters. The bananas are after me.

Perched high in their tree, they eye me with cool malevolence. And the last one I tried to eat nearly gagged me! I could almost hear it scream as I smashed it, half bitten, on sea rocks.

It's war, and I will win it.

Damp Diary Page (Day 512)

Diary - Day 512

The bananas have started talking to me and I have learned a great deal about their culture. I have ceased my senseless destruction of their homes and consumption of the young. How little I knew then of the great civilization that I was destroying.

On another topic I seem to be running low on bottles and paper. When I first looked at those huge stacks of paper that washed ashore I thought they would be inexhaustible. Woe with me, my diary must end soon.

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